Monday, 13 March 2017

Happy 17th Birthday Teen Two!

Seventeen years ago today, when the midwife proudly announced
"It's a boy!" my relief was immense!
It's probably true to say had he been a girl, I may well have tried for a boy, but the relief at that moment was like nothing I have ever known....I WILL NOT be going through this again, I said to myself!
How our two Grandma's had four and five children I don't know!
And my great grandmother had sixteen....sounds like a nightmare to me!
We didn't know seventeen years ago that we would be walking a different journey through life with Teen Two's Language Disorder, however it has taught us plenty that's for sure and hopefully made us better people, more understanding of others who are programmed a little differently to the rest of us. did we spend our day?
Well it started with Teen Two coming in soon after 7am (how civilised!) to open his pressies on our bed....just as he has done  since he was a little' un
It was then a visit to Toby Carvery for one of their renowned breakfasts....the first time we have been to this restaurant.
Teen Two was eager to try the Breakfast Yorkshires and was not disappointed!
Having put on two pounds over the weekend (who knew sushi was so calorific!) I stuck with porridge, which was nowhere near as yummy looking as what was plated up opposite me on the table...however it was very tasty.
On our way back to the car, the Teens spotted this car....filled with toy trains inside!
It really was a sight to see!
It was such a beautiful day, we decided to go for a walk along the seafront, and do some pebble collecting, to try our hand at pebble art.
Teen Two had fun throwing in stones and also his usual wave dodging
which ended up as it always does, bringing home dripping wet shoes!
Some things never change no matter how old they are!
We now have a little collection of assorted sized pebbles which hopefully will be turned into something wonderful soon!
It was then time to make a later than usual visit to my Monday Recycled Teenager.
On arrival she was a little anxious as she had discovered a dead rat on her lawn.
Her daughter had been round, but was too squeamish to look and wondered if Teen Two would get rid of it!
Well Teen Two wasn't with me today, but thankfully that sort of thing doesn't phase me at all, so out I went with a carrier to dispose of the unwanted visitor.
He had been there a while I would guess and was giving off a rather obnoxious aroma!
I suggested we took it to Morrisons with us and put it in their outside bin...well it was the longest drive ever....the smell seeped through from the boot and even on the return journey home he was present even in his absence!
I scattered the boot with neat soap powder, brushed it in and all seems well now!
This afternoon has been rather chilled for Teen Two, whilst I cracked on with the housework and laundry...
...then after my mini work out, I finished the first bullfinch sock.
Only one more to go and that's all the socks done!
What will I do next?
Well....I think there is enough yarn left of each ball to make myself slightly shorter pairs!
For dinner Teen Two had chosen his favourite Chinese Buffet restaurant
Its lovely to be able to take just a taster size of so many different dishes,
but even teeny weeny portions fill you up, so its a good job their desserts are micro size...
...this mango fool is delicious...but so tiny!
And of course no birthday is complete with a cake!
I have to say, I was disappointed with the sparklers, they took so long to light by the time the second one was lit the first one went we had to content ourselves with only two sparkling at a time!

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