Wednesday, 22 March 2017


Today started off really well, but sadly has not continued so well.
Starting with the good news....
the bathroom scales finally showed I had lost a stone!
 Its been a long hard slog (not helped by "unexpected being no exception!)
After the usual chores, I called into town to get some Australia dollars,
I know its daft, but it was a surprise to see the Queen on the notes!
Hubby will be thrilled to see them, and no doubt any unspent money will be added to his collection.
This afternoon Teen One and I decided to watch Disney's Beauty and The Beast,
we haven't watched a video for grainy it was!
We had some red popcorn from Christmas, but were slightly disappointed that it loses its colour when popped...well in actual fact it was pure white, which is not like regular popcorn.
The popcorn maker comes with some recipes, today I tried the peanut butter one...
replacing cream with yogurt.
I only had a tincy taste but it was scrumptious and Teen One  agreed.
Whilst watching the film, I started to turn some squares of knitting I had made last year, into bunnies,
an idea I found on this blog.
I made the squares when on holiday in the US, with this Easter in mind, for Parent and Toddler gifts, I don't think I have ever been so organised...although typical me leaving it to a couple of weeks before I need them to finish them off!
I just need to get some pom poms to glue on for tails.

Yeo Valley make the most delicious yogurts, this lemon curd one being a particular favourite.
Each lid comes with a code to collect tokens Yeokens, and theses tokens can be exchanged for various things....
including a  two for one cream tea!
Today a friend and I went to treat ourselves to our cream tea at this lovely
...our soft chairs and table were right by the wood burner, which was perfect on this chilly spring day.
Everything was home made on the premises and to the highest of standards.
I thoroughly enjoyed it as I had forgone my lunch  (and of course no dinner tonight) for this!
Our waiter was very attentive and it really was a  peaceful hour, quietly chatting and enjoying the ambience, without anyone else to worry about.
Sadly,  on the journey home,when almost back to where we had met up, she had to brake sharply....phew, we managed to not go into the car in front ( which of course had also braked sharply) phew, we thought...then BANG
a transit van went into the back of us!
What a shock!
I instantly got my camera out to record the damage, but amazingly there was nothing to be seen!
The other driver thankfully pulled over and said he just didn't have time to react, he gave us all his info and suggested I took photos of his number plate and company logo on the side ( which I was on my way to do anyway!)
Hopefully there is no underlying damage, but it did rather spoil our lovely peaceful afternoon.
However, it was nothing compared to how some innocent folk in London's day has ended up.
When I arrived home I put the TV on for The Chase and was of course met with the sad news of the terrorist incident in London.
Our hearts and prayers go out to all those affected.
Needless to say we have walked over Westminster Bridge many a time without incident but will always think of the poor people today whose lives have been changed forever.

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