Thursday, 16 March 2017

Celebrating New Arrivals

This morning was Parent and Toddlers as usual, but it wasn't a "usual" morning, it was for us, as a small congregation a "special morning."
When we first opened our little group 17 years ago, we decided that when ever any of our mums had a baby, we would present them with a Baby's First Bible and hand knitted jacket.
As our group is called "Little Lambs" these bibles have been perfect for us.
Inside they have several pages where family tree information can be recorded, along with the baby's development, first tooth, first crawl etc.
They are great value at well under £10 and come in a presentation box.
Over the years we must have given away around 60!
Today one of our mums, who first came with two little boys, both of whom now come along to our Friday Club, came along with her new arrival, another little boy.
So today we were delighted to quietly give her a little gift bag with the Bible ...
... and a little baby set ( not this one...I forgot to take a piccie!) to celebrate the safe arrival of her precious Little Lamb
When looking for  a hand knitted cardi picture, I came across this one...
wouldn't that be ideal for us!
I had noticed yesterday that the amaryllis was looking rather top it was no surprise to learn from Teen One that if had over balanced and fallen on the floor, breaking off the flowers!
So with the mess cleared up, I thought I would give the blooms a second chance at life.
The salad drawer in the fridge was rather full up, which is unusual at this end of the week, and I discovered I had two large bags of baby spinach taking up a lot of room.
I buy a bag a week and pop into everything and anything, quite how I had two bags I am not sure but there was no way I was going to get through them both before they went off,
so I bagged a load up and have popped them in the freezer, they will be perfect to add to stews, soups etc, adding an instant hit of green along with some iron and vitamins.
I noticed the spring greens were sprouting something...initially I thought it was a piece of yellowing broccoli (a few pieces of which I had just thrown to the bunnies) but nope, it was growing from the greens...I presume it will flower and then seed? Will watch with interest!
Whilst I was busying myself with the usual household chores, the postie came
with my order of Easter books from The Bible Society
I am really pleased with them, excellent value at 50p each and the true Easter Story clearly told in poem form.
Why not order a free copy yourself?
Teen One woke feeling pretty miserable this morning with her cold, but the good old soldier that she is met her friend as usual at 8am ready for their first lecture at 9am.
She had her "one to one " with a lecturer today, so felt she had to push herself, however, after the long morning and the two hour bus ride home she was shattered.
She is now dosed up with honey and lemon and snuggled up on the sofa...poor thing.

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