Saturday, 4 March 2017

Becoming Recycled Teenagers Ourselves For The Day!

Today was a day the Teens had been looking forward to, a Young People's Bible Study day.
It was the first time I had been to this small church near Oxford for some years and was impressed with its lovely "new" building.
So bright and airy with a ceiling window, and I loved the lights!
The day was filled with a study of Joseph.
Very challenging (even for us oldies!) and Teen Two in particular was challenged by what he heard,
he even went up to the preacher at the end and told him he had made a change in his life.
The day was interspersed with plenty of food of course and a walk along the river after lunch.
I stayed back and helped with the clearing up and then chatting to the ladies, some of whom I hadn't met before, but we found plenty of links as is usually the case.
There were around 150 young folk there and we really felt like Recycled Teenagers!
As we left there was a heavy rain storm, which left in it wake this beautiful rainbow.
We then headed off to another church meeting, which both Teens wanted to go to, a bit nearer to home.
So it was a two hour drive back down south, by which time I was feeling rather dozy and grabbed a bit of shut eye in the car...well I had got up at 6am to put washing on and clear the kitchen etc.
There were some seriously heavy duty clouds on the journey back, but it remained fairly dry.
With the last message of the day and a hearty supper it was finally time to come home and crash!
My verse today was taken up in the little church in Oxford, they had three displayed around the walls, beautifully printed on glass, I hadn't seen anything like it before, it was really modern looking I thought.

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  1. That sure looks like a dark cloud !! I thought the "crash" you mentioned might have been thunder!