Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Anyone For Tea?

This morning was a lovely start to the day, with the dawn chorus filling the morning air.
How lovely are these light bright spring mornings!
I was able to get a line of washing out and the usual household chores done before 9.30am,
perfect time for picking up Grandma at 10am
We were heading out to Southampton to visit Hubby's cousin, whose husband has a brain tumour.
He was much brighter and stronger today which was lovely to see.
Their 15mth old granddaughter was there, which was a treat for me!
Along with a cuppa, was a slice of this delectable blueberry cake, which is on the front cover of this month's Sainsbury's magazine....mmm it was good....even though I only had a wee slice, it was worth breaking the diet for!
There is a large M&S nearby, so Grandma and I popped in for a brief look as they had a 60% sale on.
We didn't see anything in the sale, but both came out with small purchases.
Back home for a late lunch, Teen Two arrived home exactly the same time as me,
just as I was poaching some eggs for lunch the door bell went....
...my late neighbour's son, to share the news he had finally found a house and bought it!
That's two successful house buys in a week for our nearest and dearest!
So on went the kettle for a cuppa!
I tired to persuade him to have some lunch, but he would only have a cuppa...just as well as the eggs were well done by the time I had listened to his house story!
Just as we were having our cuppa the door went again....my friend on her very late lunch break...so on went the kettle again!
It seems to have been a day of non stop tea drinking!
When the visitors finally went there was just enough time for the mini work out, before getting dinner on.

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