Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Another Day Yet Another Tea Shop!

Yesterday I promised Teen One I would take her for some driving lessons,
it was a shame that today was such a dreary day for it!
However we got plenty of practise in with some very patient drivers when she stalled the car a few times!
This is not a reflection of her driving abilities, its a quirk of my poor old Clio which takes some getting used to!
After an hour or so we took a break at a tea shop we discovered last month.
This hot chocolate has got to be one of the biggest I have seen!
I stuck to a lovely herbal infusion, along with carrot and coriander soup, which was delicious.
I did indulge in the granary bread as well  (but note the butter is still in the pot!) and that will be my main meal of the day.
Teen One opted for a sausage toastie.
We got home just in time for me to collect Teen Two for a hospital appointment.
He has unusual shaped ear canals, which needs suction treatment regularly.
The nurse specialist who sees us is lovely and used to be very good to our late neighours...who in turn always treated her to white chocolate.... we took her along a large bar of Milky Way in their memory.
Needless to say she was delighted.
On the Wii fit today I tried the Island Lap jog for the first time and found it surprisingly easy....
....but incredibly boring!
Now I know why joggers have their ear plugs in listening to music whenever I see them running!
I tried my hazelnut syrup gift in a cup of coffee this morning....
....mmmm it was delicious!!

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