Monday, 27 March 2017

An Unwanted House Guest!

I don't really feel as if I have caught up on the hour lost yet....I woke up feeling I could just roll over and go back to sleep again!
It may also be something to do with a head cold that keeps trying to get me, it doesn't come to anything but neither does it go away, so I keep dosing myself up with lemsip from time to time and aside from a dull headache feel pretty much up for anything!
Teen Two and I went to see my Monday Recycled Teenager as usual, but she wasn't too good today.
Not only was she very tired, she was also a bit down, which is unlike her.
She is awaiting a two week appointment for her new problems....and I understand "two week" appointments are generally when cancer is being investigated, but I didn't say that to her.
I did a bit of housework for her, chatted about the weekend, admired her lovely flowers....I have never seen so many daffs and tulips in one delivery before!
They were from M&S and because it came a day early (Saturday) her daughter was refunded £10!
So Teen Two and I headed to Morrisons by ourselves, then with the weather being so lovely we went for a walk down the seafront.
Near where I had found a free parking space  (not many of them left nowadays!) we saw this igloo looking structure made from willow I think.
I have no idea what its for, but Teen Two came up with the ingenious title for it
a "Twigloo!"
We walked round the old part of town, right by the seafront, which is beautifully kept, pausing to look at Horatio Nelson looking out to see.
Teen Two can never resist throwing stones in the sea, just like his dad!
 It was so lovely to be out in the fresh air...
...and of course no visit to the seaside is complete until you have had an ice cream!
This little ladybird was enjoying the warm weather too, even if he did give Teen Two a fright as he landed on him!

Aside from making the most of the lovely weather, I also wanted to track down some local tea towels and also seaside rock, which is typically British so makes an ideal gift to take to Australia....a quick google suggests they don't have it over there...however I won't hold my breath!
Tracking down local tea towels was not as easy as I expected, but I triumphed in the end, by going to one of my favourite local artist's shop, where these tea towels were in the seconds section,
from £6.95 to £3 because of a slight imperfection....
The tiny yellow mark on the top right hand corner has meant they can't be sold at full price...and I cant even see the yellow mark on the other tea towels!
Back home, the weather was so lovely, I decided to abandon any ideas of housework and concentrate on sorting the garden out.
With the builders coming after Easter, there was a corner which needed clearing.
Having removed the collection of bricks that has gathered there over the years ( no idea where they came from!) and then moved the water butt...which sadly we had to decant of its water, I discovered our jasmine has been sending out shoots and attaching itself to the concrete.
So I spent a while trying to unearth it all, which was quite hard work as it turns out...those roots were so strong!
Hopefully when the paving slabs come up later on, I can get to any more still lurking, I certainly don't
want it undermining any work later on!
The weather was perfect for washing and all the towels were dry in no time.
Teen Two helped me in the garden a bit, then went in to do some bottle flipping....videoing himself, to upload onto YouTube!
I cant imagine why anyone wants to watch someone else flip bottles....but believe me that's what Teens do!
Kermit is also going to feature in it...googling for "bottle flipping!"
I was roped in at one stage to hold the tablet as he typed something into google for the film...
...good to have some uses isn't it!
Just as I was finishing off in the garden, I noticed one of the bunnies going to and from its hutch, without actually going in.....I walked over to investigate....seems they have an unwanted house guest!!
Cheeky Milly!
I wouldn't mind if she was more tolerant of them, if they go any where near her space she hisses....those bunnies need to come up with a plan I reckon to get their own back!

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  1. I'm glad that you have enjoyed good weather today - its freezing here!