Thursday, 30 March 2017

All Baked And Banana'd Out!

Going back to last night....if I am passing Tesco around 7 -7.30pm (which I regularly do on the footy run) I often pop in and see what they have reduced.
Yesterday I grabbed 2.5kg bags of potatoes for 13p, a net of satsumas for 19p,
two packs of Kingsmill muffins 4p and then on the way to the checkout, saw crates of carriers, loaded up with bananas for 30p!
Well I had been thinking about making banana bread earlier in the day as two of my freshly bought bananas had been black inside when I opened them.
Well I just couldn't leave these there could I?
The bag had almost 30 bananas in, so I sent out a Facebook request to ask for recipes from my friends, for freezable goodies.
Whilst waiting for a response I thought it would be quick and simple to whip up some
They went down a treat for supper.... I made a batch with wholemeal flour and honey....these needed extra sweetness really, so the next batch I added sugar as well, but were still scrummy.
With the last batch of mixture I added chocolate chips, which went down REALLY well!
Teen One has bouts of abdominal migraine and sadly last night was in pain most of the night, I could hear her up and down getting medication, bathroom visits etc, so was awake much earlier than usual, wondering if she was thinking of making it into Uni or had overslept.
She sadly wasn't well enough, but consequently I was up and organised earlier than usual, so decided to make another couple of batches of pancakes to take to Parent and Toddlers.
One plate was just banana and the other was wholemeal and cinnamon.
They were warmly received by most, I am always surprised when people say
"Bananas? Ooo cant stand them!"
Whats not to like in a banana I say....well I must admit I don't like to eat them over ripe...but in baked goods they are great.
Teen One stayed on the sofa all day...
...and watched her boxed set of Anne of Green Gables....with just the third  box to watch.
The afternoon was a banana baking fest!
A friend in the US Facebooked me a banana bread recipe, as did a UK friend, so they have both been baked, another friend suggested banana cake, so I gave that a go too.
I used the basic dropped scone/pancake recipe to make banana and....
chocolate chip
crystalised ginger
chocolate (using cocoa powder)
 peanut butter
I think the ginger ones and peanut butter are my favourite today, the family can do some sampling later and then I will bag them up for the freezer, they will be great to pop out for a quick breakfast treat or Sunday tea.
I also used my basic flapjack recipe, adding two mashed bananas and some lemon juice ( just because I had half a lemon going spare)
Once baked I topped with a slab of cheap supermarket chocolate, with the flapjack still hot from the oven the chocolate melts in no time and just needs spreading to the edges....the Teens eyes nearly popped out of their heads when they saw it!
Part way through the afternoon my late neighbours son came,
I was delighted that he accepted one of the bags of potatoes ( I have already given Grandma a bag so just one to give away/use up now!) and a pack of muffins, then even better, a hand of bananas!
So I now have only 10 bananas left!
I think I will probably freeze them, as they are fine for cooking, or blitzing into ice cream from frozen.
For today I am all baked and banana'd out!
Feeling in need of a much earned sit down, I plonked myself on the sofa, grabbed the laptop and saw it was a little low on charge, so pulled the lead out, plugged it in and then suddenly saw the wires were exposed!
I know exactly how it happened, but not when.
I keep the lead down by the side of the sofa and noticed the other day, when the sofa was in the recline position, it jammed my knitting needle ( also stashed down by the side!)
It seems that when in the recline position the whole sofa drops down an inch or anything in its way gets trapped between the floor and the metal frame!
Oops.... poor Hubby is going to love me, fixing small electrical wires is not one of his favourite past times but he seems to end up doing rather a lot of it!


  1. Not tempted to cook and mash the potatoes and freeze it in pots / clumps? Comes back really well.

    1. Don't like re heated potatoes much....but if I don't find any takers for them will give it a go!