Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Against All The Odds!

Today lay ahead of me, with no particular plans or responsibilities....these days are rare and I was looking forward to what the day might hold.
I had decided I wanted to sort out some messy corners, and cupboards.
I started with a little section of the mug cupboard, which is where I house my most used food colourings/essences etc.
As usual there were duplications a plenty, so once it had all been combined and out of date stuff chucked, I had a tidy little section once again.
Next on my to do list was sorting out piles of paperwork that had accumulated in various places.
Most of it was Hubby's, who has a habit of putting stuff down to deal with later, but then forgets about!
So I did my usual Secretary bit and chucked what was rubbish and dealt with what needed dealing with.
The recycling bin is now significantly fuller!
The postie brought a freebie I had ordered last week.
This is freely available from The Bible Society and is a fun little book, ideal for giving as an Easter gift.
There are also other free resources for Easter available on their website.
I then decided to pay a visit to a retired couple along the road.
We have always stopped and chatted at the gate and over the years I have visited their home for different "events."
The wife was a keen dolls house enthusiast and used to open her home to her "village" and recite stories she had made up about her village.
She also wrote her autobiography, which was a laugh a minute to read and something I have read more than once.
Sadly she now has dementia and I noticed last year they no longer went on their daily walk passed my house.
I called in late last year to see how they were and he is now no longer able to manage her alone or take her out, so whilst she has support for washing and dressing, he is virtually housebound now.
I have popped in before and he welcomed the visit, so today was another one of such visits.
He told me all about his time in the Bomb Disposal Unit....how brave!
Back home the sunshine meant I was able to get two lines of washing on the line.
Just as I was about to have some lunch the doorbell went...
...it was my late neighbour's son, with his usual bunch of flowers!
Daffs this time, which I have put in with the artificial forsythia.
We had a cuppa and a catch up for about an hour.
The mustard and cress seeds from Friday Club are now sprouting, so its time to bring them out of their dark home for some daylight....they will grew rapidly now and hopefully the kids will be delighted with their "hair!"
And the cress wasn't the only thing that had been growing out of sight!
I was looking through the shed for something and my eye was caught by a flash of yellow....
against all the odds this beautiful tete a tete daff had flowered, with no soil, water or nurturing!
How inspiring is that!

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  1. Snap - just like mine a couple of weeks ago- a metaphor for life me thinks