Tuesday, 14 March 2017

A Walk Down Memory Lane

This morning Teen One only had to be in Uni for an hour and her "lift" had decided she wasn't going to bother going in, so it was taxi of mum again, to save her a four hour round trip on the bus.
Having weighed myself before going, I was horrified to see I had gained another two pounds over night, which makes it four pounds since Saturday....not good news at all!
So, instead of spending the hour losing £'s I opted to try and lose some lb's instead.
The sun was breaking through the clouds as I set out on a strident walk along the seafront...
...it was interesting to take in the different scenes along this seafront, including these lobster pots...
...lovely seaside themed engravings on the stone wall...
...beach huts, which were crying out for a lick of paint, and made me appreciate how beautifully our local ones are kept...
...and I was not a little miffed to discover that had I parked at this end of the prom, I could have saved myself the parking fee ( from a machine which didn't give change!)
On my walk back, I decided to see if I could track down a house I used to live in, very briefly 38 years ago.
I was a live in nanny and remembered the address being something like Victoria Square, being opposite a park and I could see the sea from my bedroom window on the third floor.
Other than the fact the house had two windows either side of the door, I couldn't remember anything else about it.
I passed several Squares on my return journey, but none of them Victoria Square.
Just before I got to the car I saw "Waterloo Square" and thought that rang a bell....maybe I had got my London Stations mixed up and it was Waterloo and not Victoria.
A short walk into the road led me to only one house, surrounded by a church and restaurants.
It had three floors and two windows either side of the door, so maybe this was it?
Closer inspection showed the name plaque
"Victoria Cottage!"
So there was a Victoria in it after all!
I have no idea if the same family live there, I suspected not, so didn't knock.
The children will now be around 40 and late 30's but in my mind they are of course still two sweet little girls.
I remembered also, there was a family dog called Huckleberry...or "Cuckers" as the little tot used to say as she dropped her dinner over the side of her high chair!
He was a fiercesome looking Irish Wolfhound, as big as a horse (memories can be misleading!) with a deep terrifying woof....but after the first day there I realised he was just a big softy.
With Teen One and I back home, it was time for a quick lunch ( still eating up that sushi!)
then a trip into town to return some unwanted items to Primark,
but as usual, we ended up spending more money!
Teen One saw this pretty "cherry" top, she does love fruity themed items!
I was returning a Pokémon Onesie I had bought Teen Two ( having bought two for size)
and ended up buying FOUR Pokémon t shirts...all from the men's dept!
Needless to say Teen Two is delighted with them!
For dinner tonight, it was leftovers and I was going to wrap them in tortillas and bake in the oven,
which is kind of what I ended up doing, but with a twist.
A friend had posted this on Facebook, and it looked so easy and different I thought I would give it a go.
True to form, there were one or two personal twists....such as using ground up beef left over from Sunday, and adding some red kidney beans to bulk it out as there wasn't quite enough meat left.
Instead of frying them I baked them in the oven to crisp up and save all that grease.
I didn't indulge ( drat those four pounds gained!) but the Teens said they were great.



  1. Darn those naughty pounds - mind you our bodies fluctuate on a daily basis anyway. I've learnt that, when I have eaten rice, my body absorbs fluid and therefore the weight rises - going quickly down again after a few days. After all that sushi ........

    1. Definitely no more sushi for me!