Friday, 31 March 2017

A Stash Busting Day

This morning Teen One and I were very excited...we had arranged to meet a friend who has a little bundle of joy to take care of for a while.
I think this is the first time Teen One has bathed a little one, I'm not sure who enjoyed it the most!
We both had a lovely hour playing with the precious little one, and had to laugh at Digby...every time we said to the babe "whose a lovely girl then" or something similar Digby's tail would wag in his sleep! Bless!
Soon it was nap time for little one and she went down like a dream!
Just pop in her dummy give her a toy to snuggle up to and that's it!
No grizzly, no crying...what a poppet!
Back home it was time for some bunny tail assembling.
I already had these pom poms, not quite the perfect colour match but I am sure the tots won't mind.
 These were "stash" bunnies, so not too bad considering most of the pom poms were royal blue!
At Friday Club we have started the Easter story and whilst the craft was more Spring themed that Bible story themed, it once again used up some stash.
There has been a distinct lack of knitting for a few days, but at least today I have attacked that stash pile!

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