Thursday, 9 March 2017

A Short Night!

Last night was somewhat of a short night for me...I think I must be catching whatever FQ2FF has!
Despite going to bed tired at 9.45pm, at 4am I was still wide awake!!
I toyed with the idea of getting up, but thought, well I will never get to sleep if I get up!
I just kept hoping sleep would eventually come and I guess it must have as I was aware of the rest of the family being up around 6.15am.
Teen Two had also had trouble sleeping and it was around 1am before he dropped off he said.
Despite the lack of sleep, I don't feel particularly tired today, just a little dry eyed.
So today's activities continued as normal, church first thing for Parent and Toddlers...
...back home to the washing, and it was such a beautiful day I was able to get it on the line again.
Whilst I didn't exactly feel tired, my energy levels were not the highest, so I indulged in some knitting whilst catching up with The Real Marigold Hotel.
Everything certainly looks very cheap over in India, but I don't think I would like the heat and I suppose you have to wonder why things are so cheap, or rather at whose expense?
Teen One had  a dentist check up as soon as she came home today, so I drove her there.
We usually have back to back appointments, but due to an exam we had to cancel hers, so this time I didn't need to go in at was rather strange having always been there for all her medical appointments, to be sitting in the waiting room....another bit of mother hood gone!
My Dear Old Soul at church passes me on her People' Friend each week, it often has interesting articles and recipes etc....I rather fancy this Californian Raisin Crunch, made with amongst other things, wholemeal flour, oats, grated carrot, prunes and can just feel how good it would be for you!
With the dinner on, it was time for my mini work out, according to that I have lost three pounds, but the scales only say one...I suspect the variation in clothing weight is what makes the wii weight differ so much...but its all weight off so that's good.
Today  I am wearing a favourite skirt that I haven't worn in a couple of weeks and its positively hanging off!!
A friend came yesterday and as she hadn't seen me for a couple of weeks she could see the difference...but no one else...including me can see it yet!

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