Friday, 3 March 2017

A Change To The Day's Plans

Friday is always a busy day for me, and at 8am, still in my PJ's enjoying the quietest part of the day, my plans suddenly changed.
Teen One had a call from her "lift" to say her friend had a migraine so wasn't going to Uni today.
She had kindly let Teen One know an hour earlier, but it wasn't until she came down for brekkie that she saw the text....she has decided in future to take her phone to bed with her so we stand half a chance of having a Plan B.
So today with the bus already gone, I was the Plan B.
So the leisurely start ended up in a mad rush, but we made it in time.
Time wise or fuel wise it doesn't make any sense to come home and then go back again, so I am stuck in Bognor for the morning when this happens.
The up side is, with three hours to fill, I had plenty of time for knitting in the car whilst listening to Radio 4....finishing the second Blue Tit sock...
...and starting the final ball from West Yorkshire Spinners....
..Bull Finch.
I also had plenty of time to mooch around shops such as Home Bargains and B&M Stores,
always great places for bargains.
Today I bagged these fruit juices for 10p.... I LOVE 10p bargains!
I picked up a pounds worth and Teen One gave them the thumbs up so I wish I had got more now!
I love the fact we see things in these stores that regular Supermarkets don't stock
such as these  Pop Tart flavours ( straight from the US of course)
Both Teens will love this popcorn I am sure...there was also Apple Tango available.
These wholesome date treats are a present for my Monday Recycled Teenager.
She loves dates and these look unusual...and at only 19p a pack are worth a go.
I am sure they would be much more expensive in a health food shop!
These cute daisies were only 79p and will come in useful with Easter crafts at church.
At 99p this single egg pan was too cute to leave  (I know I know...soppy so and so!)
Finally back home it was time to put on some washing then crack on with some baking.
We are going to a YP Bible study day tomorrow near Oxford and I had offered to take something along, two dozen cakes were assigned to me, so I made Oreo Brownies which has proved popular in the past, plus I thought if more turn up than expected they can cut my generous portions in half to make it go further.
Our conservatory is way over due an upgrade, the roof leaks whenever it rains, its cold in the winter and damp, too hot in the summer, the wood work is rotting and the windows are broken in places.
So, today we had a builder come round to quote us.
He was a really nice guy and Check A Trade, plus Facebook reviews were all very positive.
I only emailed him last night and he replied this morning saying he would come today and take a look!
He promised to call an hour before coming and he did just that.
He was very professional and very polite, we now just have to see if he is also very reasonable!
I have NO CLUE what it might cost.
When I watch Homes Under The Hammer and see entire houses refurb'd with new kitchens, bathrooms and windows for around £10,000 (small ones granted!) I think maybe its possible to get the conservatory  done within our modest budget.
I don't want anything fancy, just to make it a more functionable room.
Our story tonight at Friday Club was The Sower, so we decided to let the kids do some simple
sowing....with mustard and cress seeds.
Teen One came up with the idea of Minions, with the cress being their hair.
We have brought them home to grow the cress during the week.
Cress is easy to grow, but does need starting off in the dark, and kept moist.
I wasn't sure all of our busy mums would have time to remember, so will nurture them this week and take them back, hopefully fully grown, next week....a week is about long enough for me where horticulture is concerned, anymore and I am useless!
Finally....the diet is still on track....11lbs down this morning...that's only 3lbs to a stone!
I have been craving something sweet for the past couple of evenings and came up with this little sweet treat, which is less than 50 calories,
A dutch crispbake with a thin spread of jam and then a squirt of Soy Whip.
I guess any squirty cream will do, so long as you don't use too much.
There is about 10 calories worth on this crispbake,
it feels very naughty indeed but is relatively cheap calories wise.

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  1. well done on the weight loss - and all of those bargains!!