Monday, 6 March 2017

A Bit Of An Inconvenience

This morning Teen Two and I had to set off early, in the rush hour traffic, for a hospital appointment.
Nothing much, just some ear suction treatment.
The nurse we see is a lovely lady, and was very good to our late neighbours, so in their memory we have taken on the mantle of always taking up white chocolate for her.
This time we chose Milkybar.
However, we were in for a disappointment!
On arrival I was surprised that the self check in didn't work, but didn't worry too much, we did after all have our appointment letter.
In the actual department we were to discover we had arrived on the wrong day!
How could that be I asked, when we have a letter clearly stating today.....
but it seems this appointment made last year, was cancelled and a new appointment sent in December for last week!
Not only had we not had the letter, as we had not turned up for the appointment Teen Two had been discharged!
They asked if our phone details were the same, as recorded messages are sent prior to appointments as reminders....well yes, our number was the same, and yes I had received the phone call confirming today...except it wasn't confirming today, it was confirming the appointment for three days previous!
I had written the appointment  on the calendar at the beginning of the year and knew in my mind it was the beginning of March, so when I had the phone call (in Feb still, so hadn't seen the written date for a few months) I thought to myself, yes, that's right, appointment as expected....although when I turned the calendar a few days later and saw the date being 6th March my mind thought "didn't the phone call say 2nd March? Well I must have misheard"
Sadly I had not misheard, but not having received the letter I just assumed my memory was wrong.
Needless to say it was very frustrating for everyone concerned, and the department staff were very apologetic, even though it really wasn't their fault.
So we have a new appointment in a few weeks time which I hope will not get cancelled and I will listen to the message twice next time and check with the calendar immediately!
Teen Two and I then dashed out of the hospital, through the maze of long corridors, in a bid to get to the car park machine before the free 15mins was up!
We made it!
I must say, for me a healthy young(ish!!!) woman  with a car, it was an inconvenience but nothing major, can you imagine what it would have been like for an older or infirm person, with no transport or someone having had to take time off work?
We then went to see our Monday Recycled Teenager, our usual trip to Morrisons, and then onto to give the car the "Tesco Treatment" car wash.
I left Teen Two to it completely this time, staying inside to clean the internal windows.
This afternoon has been a flurry of a mini workout, housework, Speech and Language therapy homework with Teen Two and some bunny hugging whilst watching Robot Wars.
Teen Two and Hubby would like to built a Robot to take part with some time...but having just heard one team say they spent £26,000 on their kit I  looked at Teen Two in shock
"well its a good job we've finished the mortgage" he said!


  1. Robot wars just passes me by - I just don't get it!