Sunday, 12 February 2017

Why Is Travelling So Tiring?

After a peaceful night's sleep, today started leisurely, with a delicious buffet breakfast,
followed by a few lengths in the pool, a leisurely soak in the Jacuzzi and as long as we could take it in the steam room...around five minutes!
Whilst waiting for the boys to finish getting changed, Teen One and I sat in the lounge and had a go at a crossword.
After a long and dreary drive, we finally made it back home, filled the machine with washing, sorted the animals and then put the kettle on for well deserved cuppa.
Why is travelling so tiring?
Tea will be our usual "weekend away" easy peasy, fresh ravioli, cooks in minutes and no preparation!
We are hoping to get out for our evening Gospel Service, and will no doubt be in need of an early night!

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  1. its all that concentration! Sounds like you've had a great weekend away though x