Monday, 27 February 2017

Time For Some Gynae Talk....Gents Look Away!

This morning I was up bright and early and cracked on with the housework as I had a friend coming for coffee.
Before she arrived I had to fit in my usual visit to my Monday Recycled Teenager and also Morrisons.
My friend arrived with her little granddaughter and Teen Two brought in the bunnies to show
Little One.
She wasn't keen to stroke them, but was happy to brush them.
We had a happy hour or so catching up and laughing at Little One making herself at home.
With several loads of laundry at different stages, I went upstairs and cleaned our bedroom windows, pulled out the furniture to vacuum behind and clean the skirting....what has come over me!
This afternoon I had to taken Grandma back to hospital for the results of her biopsy.
The following paragraph is for ladies eyes only, so any gents still reading, you have been warned!Grandma is in her 80's and for some time has been sore "down below."
Various steroid creams have not got rid of the problem and the doctor decided to refer her incase anything more sinister was going on.
Thankfully today we learned the biopsy  was clear, no cancer or pre cancerous cells, so that was great to hear.
The lady Gynaecologist explained that down below is like a face and needs hydrating as our hormones decrease.
So, just as we hydrate our faces with cream ( ahem....guilty of not doing that!) we should also do down below as the skin thins with age.
E45 is the perfect cream, for many things she said, including down below.
Used once a day should be sufficient.
What was rather scary was, she has seen some ladies who have "fused" together down below due to dryness and they have been unable to pass water ultimately, so a little procedure is necessary to make an opening again!
So.....get that E45 on ladies and save yourself trouble in years to come!
The Gynaecologist said she did not want Grandma to use steroid cream regularly as that has side effects, but to persevere with the E45 to reduce the symptoms ( they can't be removed completely) and she will see her in 12mths to see how things are.

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