Thursday, 9 February 2017

The Cold Turkey and Apple Sauce Diet!

Today has been a usual sort of day, Parent and Toddlers in the morning, then pottering with housework in the afternoon, with a little break in the middle to take Teen One back to college to collect her certificates and art work...but sadly the art work was not available.
Although it has been a usual sort of day...and a cold one at that (vacumming the car was not the best idea I had all day!) it has been an exciting one!
Feeling despondent at my lack of weight loss on the Military Diet, last week I embarked on my own diet, which as the blog title alludes to, I am calling the Cold Turkey and Apple Sauce Diet!
There is no cold turkey to eat but there is apple sauce!
Cold turkey is a reference to the fact I have just gone "cold turkey" on almost anything that is vaguely sweet, contains fat or carbs!
Its the only way for me I think, to kick start some weight loss.
My two exclusions from sweet things are... sauce....
...and chocolate raisins...but only 100g  a day, which is a very small pot indeed, but I have managed to keep to it.
The apple sauce takes away the craving for something to eat and with a bit of natural sweetness also "hits the spot"
A teaspoon is just a few calories, so as long as I don't go overboard it is negligible as far as the calorie count is concerned.
So when those hunger pangs come calling I head straight for the jar!
The raisins are around 125 calories so I really have to restrict myself to that little pot.
Breakfast is kept within 100 calories ( a slice of wholemeal toast and light spread of lemon curd is that) I spent a lot of the week have cooked plums with bran flakes or porridge oats ( no milk of course) I quite enjoyed it.
Lunch is also restricted to 100 calories ...usually three crispbakes and a teaspoon on each of cottage cheese, maybe a banana as well if I am struggling.
Dinner has been whatever I have done for the family, but no carbs and of course small portions apart from veg.
Drinks have been black tea, peppermint tea or just hot water, which is fast becoming my favourite oddly enough.
No choccie, no biscuits, no cake, no nothing vaguely soul warming and pleasant in the mouth!
Every day I do a mini work out on the Wii fit, today was a bit of a pain as I couldn't get the TV to talk to the Wii so had to wait for Teen Two to come home and sort if for me!
However, the result is, after a week on my Cold Turkey and Apple Sauce diet I have lost
five pounds!
Making a total of 8 lbs since I started the Military Diet three weeks ago.
Not only that but I am now in a new stone bracket!
That's always exciting isn't it!
I like the fact I am not restricted to certain foods, as I was on the Military Diet and I just aim to keep under 1000 calories a day.
I suspect the enthusiasm will wane eventually, but at the moment I am in the zone and not the slightest bit tempted to eat what I shouldn't...but it can't and won't last!

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