Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Still Knitting Those Socks!

This morning we had a slow start, pottering around the house, staying in PJ's longer than usual etc,
then at 11ish we collected Grandma for a treat out in the country.
We had taken her to my favourite tea rooms back in September for her birthday, but were disappointed to discover cooked food is not served after 3pm, so we promised her a return visit
I always love the fresh flowers they have everywhere, these old mustard tins always look so attractive and every visit I always take a picture!
Whilst waiting for our order to arrive Grandma completed the crossword...I had intended that we all have a go, but she got carried away with one of her passions in life!
Grandma ordered macaroni cheese, which looked delicious...
Teen Two had gammon and cheese toastie with a cup of soup of the day ( at only £1 extra!)
I too had soup....thai butternut squash and it was almost as good as mine!
I also had the granary bread, baked locally, but not the butter!
Having not had bread for ages it was sooooo good!
Despite not having bread..or any carbs for weeks, or dairy ( yesterdays skinny flat excluded)
I have not lost a pound so was pretty cheesed off and thought
"what the heck" today!
Teen One opted for Chicken, Avocado and Crispy Bacon Salad, which was full of all sorts of things and looked very scrummy.
It was too much for her though, but they kindly gave us a doggy box to bring the rest home in.
We had an extended drive home, going through parts of the countryside we were less familiar with, just following where the road took us.
The snowdrops were out in full glory everywhere and the daffs are about to do the same.
Back home it was the usual essential chores, followed by my mini workout
Last night I finished the "Pheasant" socks....not sure about the colours really....
...and have now started the "Blue Tit"
I think the colours of both shades are accurate, and maybe its the grey that is too dominant for me on the Pheasant pair....am thinking the yellow may lift the grey this time round.
I only have one ball left (Bullfinch) and will then have a massive blocking session!

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