Monday, 6 February 2017

Pushing The Boat Out!

This morning was our usual visit to my Monday Recycled Teenager and then Morrisons,
I picked up a pack of lemon meringue pie mix to make up for yesterday's dodgy one!
I know its easy enough to make from scratch, but you have to have the lemons in, whereas the packet one can be done more or less anytime you want....just watch the best before date!
then Teen Two and I headed out to give the car the "Tesco Treatment" as he likes to call it!
I love how sudsy we can get the car, although it does take quite a bit of rinsing off and the high pressured hose creates even more suds but its cheap good fun and I get a clean car out of it with minimal effort!
Even better...the £1 per minute is now the same price for 2.5 minutes!
If you are really speedy you can get the whole car done for £2...but I push the boat out and let him have £3 worth!
One our way home we drove the usual way, past the cemetery where my grandparents and mother are buried and I made a spur of the moment decision to take a look at the graves and see if they needed any weeding done.
I rarely go, I think the last time I went was when my cousin and his wife were visiting some years ago, and previous to that it must be a decade or so.
The weather has taken its toll on the stonework and I will look into what I can use to clean them up,
my grandmother used to say "don't put flowers on my grave" and I understand her sentiments, its a personal thing I guess, I have friends who go weekly with fresh me it seems a waste, show your loved ones you love them when they are here and can appreciate them, but for others its a cathartic experience and I understand their reasons for doing that.
Back home it was the usual housework and laundry to deal with, and I did take a few minutes to do a work out on the wii!
I am now all done in, as my nan used to say, so have decided, with dinner in the oven, its time for some knitting...the "peacock" wool from West Yorkshire Spinners is coming along nicely, the only thing I don't like about the regular striping is the back of the heel, where half the number of stitches are work on, ends up with thicker make it even I would have to keep cutting the wool and rejoining...bit of a faff and my splicing skills are not marvellous, I would worry it would unravel at a later stage!
I may experiment on the next pair and see how I go, but I don't want any uncomfortable sewn in lumpy bits, which would be the alternative to splicing.
We'll see what I am in the mood for when the time comes!

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  1. Those socks keep on coming don't they? I agree with you about flowers on graves - in fact I said to someone just yesterday that we should appreciate people whilst they are here rather than trying to hang on to them when they are gone. Miss them dreadfully - yes - but some people go one step further!