Thursday, 16 February 2017

Polymyalgia Rheumatica

This morning was Parent and Toddlers at church and our Dear Old Soul was out this week, which was a relief as Teen One had Uni and our other helper was on holiday.
Dear Old Soul had been experiencing shoulder pain and it sounded like something I had seen on
Doc Martin....but also another lady at church had a similar thing,
turns out it was the same condition...
Dear Old Soul has been struggling on for weeks in intense pain and taking ages to get out of bed in the morning.
She eventually heeded my advice to see the Doctor, as I was sure it wasn't just something she had to consider as being part of old age.
She was given steroids and in three day is moving freely and no longer in pain,
so never assume you have to "put up" with something, always see your doctor!
Dear Old Soul was delighted with her books, and has changed her opinion on the internet!
As a thank you, she brought me these very yummy biscuits!
One of my did she know!
What a shame I am on a diet though!
The Teens and Hubby are in for a treat when they have their evening biccie and milk (some habits die hard!)
However when I am no longer dieting ( it wont last forever believe me!) I will treat myself to a box.
Before coming home from church I had to set up "shop" for the Friday Club kids.
Hubby had carried the boxes down from our store room last night, which saved me a job, but it still is a marathon task so by the time I was home all I was in the mood for was a rest!
I watched The Real Marigold Hotel on catch up, which I enjoyed, aside from Amanda Barrie blaspheming so much!
The last series was spoilt by a foul mouthed woman as well...such a shame.
However, I did manage to finish the "Pheasant" sock...
...and of course get started on the other one.
Its not the most colourful of shades, but then not everyone likes bright colours so hopefully someone will like it!
A few week ago an elderly lady from up the road asked me if we had two grey kittens.
"Two kittens??? No two bunnies!" I replied.
Well it appears our neighbours have two kittens ( not small anymore) as they have been making an appearance in our garden this week...chasing the poor bunnies!
Today I saw one IN THE HUTCH!
Oh dear, poor little bunnies, not even safe in their home.
I have been clapping very loudly when I see them and hope that will deter them.
If not its out with the water gun!
What well behaved moggies we must have, whilst they have sat and watched with interest when the bunnies arrived, and hissed should one hop too close, they have made no attempt to chase them.
Teen One was home at lunch time and then straight into cutting and sticking for her course work.
Meanwhile for me it was the usual round of laundry, cleaning and setting the fire ready for tonight.
Still way too chilly to think of not having it, even though we have had glorious sunshine today, the evenings are still nippy!

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