Saturday, 18 February 2017

Not Quite The Evening We Had Planned!

Today we had glorious weather!
It was rather a shame that Hubby had to go into work!
Not his usual sort of Saturday at all, and hopefully he wont have to do that too often!
I was delighted to get the washing out and it was lovely to see it blowing in the gentle breeze.
With the conservatory doors open and the daffs in full bloom, it really was like a spring day....but those days are not too far away and the evenings and getting so much lighter already!
I had a potter in the garden, to see if anything had survived the bunnies, and was a little taken aback to see a shrub they have ignored all year they have now started to shred! They don't appear to eat the leaves, just pull them off and leave them littered all over the place!
Naughty bunnies, the sooner I get a little fence up along here the better!
The postie came with a little parcel.....I had a sneaky feeling what it might be...
...and yes I was right!
FQ2FF had shown us hers yesterday and so I was hoping we would get one too as its just the sort of thing Hubby loves!
Its a great little gadget, and  I hope the young man does well with it.
I am thinking about buying a few to take to Australia, they are lightweight, unique and packaged well.
Hubby and Teen Two enjoyed testing it out so I think the males in the family over in Oz might prefer it to the mostly female pressies I have been collecting!
Lunch was our usual homemade Red Thai Butternut Squash soup,
and there is a large jar left over...perfect for lunches in the week!
Teen One spent the morning doing coursework and then re doing our Friday Club Points charts.
After lunch Teen Two and Hubby set to and cut up some wood for the woodburner.
We have almost cut up the window frames that came from next door, I will be glad to see the forecourt clear again!
The afternoon had been planned around going to Bognor to hear a favourite preacher of ours later in the evening.
Bosham is on the way and one of our favourite places to visit.
The village looks so lovely no matter what the weather but the sun does add an extra dimension it must be said.
The quay was very quiet, I think everyone must have been out in their boats enjoying the still water and lovely sunshine
It was so peaceful
It really is one of my favourite places of all time to visit
We walked through the Saxon church yard, in the hopes of seeing some snowdrops, and weren't disappointed...
...they were everywhere...
...white may not be a real colour but it is almost a perfect colour I think
Hidden in  this shrubbery is a dear little wren which we stood and admired for a while...
and then out popped a little vole!
Too quick to capture on film sadly.
One of our purposes for visiting Bosham was to browse through the Arts and Crafts shops and see if there were any gifts suitable for Australia.
I am always on the look out for things unique to England or our local area.
I have bought one of these Pebble pictures before and was hoping to find another one, but today they only had large-ish ones, but I did take a fancy to this prizes for guessing why!
But I resisted and thought maybe Teen One could have a go, we do after all have a very pebbly beach on our doorstep!
With our lovely walk and browsing complete, we headed on to Bognor, via Pizza Hut for dinner.
I am still astounded at my will power, I only had the buffet salad and no pizza!
We finally got to Bognor and thought how unusual it was to get a parking space so easily and so near the little church hall.....
...good reason for that...
the church was in darkness...
we had turned up a week too early!
So having laughed about how silly we were, we headed home and enjoyed an unexpected couple of hours playing games together...
...not quite the evening we had planned, but enjoyable none the less!

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  1. Glad that the prezzie came your way as well - its a useful gadget isn't it?