Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Mum Can I Trust You To Do Something?

This morning I was awake bright and early.
Hubby had to take Teen One to the bus stop for 7am as her lift wasn't going in to Uni today.
With the sun shining and birds singing I had a burst of energy for things I usually leave till
I started by washing the back windows ( thanks sun for showing up the dirt again!)
Then cleaned the oven, washed the floors, put the washing out, then loaded the car for a dump trip.
I don't know how we have so much stuff accumulating, although most of this was garden waste.
Close to the dump are a number of interesting shops, Hobbycraft, M&S, Laura Ashley etc,
I mooched around, saw lots of lovely things, but refrained from buying anything!
I then popped in to the Tesco nearby to buy quilted loo rolls for Grandma, its the only sort she likes and Morrisons were clean out of it yesterday.
Thinking back to yesterday's gynae issues (yes gents, time to look away!) it occurred to me that another of Grandma's issues might be making her current condition worse.
Grandma has a very sensitive bladder and if we had to pay a penny to spend a penny, it would cost her a fortune.
I wondered if excess use of loo paper might be making things worse for her problems, so looked at the Aloe Vera and Shea Butter versions of Andrex.
I bought both and suggested she give them both a trial, using only one sort until it had all gone and see if she is any better.
One can only try!
My first job back home was to make pancakes for tonight, but before  I got in the house a neighbour saw me arrive home and called me in.
She hadn't seen me for a while and wanted a catch up on our little life.
She used to hear all we were up to from our late neighbours, so I popped in and before we knew it nearly two hours had passed!
I finally made it in the house, but within minutes a friend called in, so that was another hour gone, having a cuppa and catch up...but finally the pancakes were made.
For me it will be the last one...which is always the smallest, with some lemon juice and sugar,
the family will demolish the rest of the pile, with a variety of Nutella, lemon curd, jam, peanut butter...you name it, they will put it on one!
As for the title of today's blog?
Well just before Teen Two went to college this morning he asked
"Mum...can I trust you to do something?"
Whatever could it be I thought....doesn't he know he can trust me??
"When the Wii U says it has uploaded, can you press this button here and turn it off?"
Phew.....I proved trustworthy!

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