Friday, 10 February 2017

Love Is In The Air

I am going to start today by being a Grumpy Old Woman!
For the past few weeks, when I have gone to Lidl's, there have been three men with their baskets full of baguettes from the bakery section...leaving the bakery section completely empty!
Its very obvious they are running a café/eating place somewhere, buying the bread at knock down prices and then selling at a premium....leaving us domestic shoppers with nothing at all.
I have seen them with a trolley full of ice cream, another full of frozen chips and another full of fresh chickens.
I even saw a lady wearing an Interflora fleece buy up all the £2 roses the other week!
It really really bugs me and I don't know why ( other than I have had to go elsewhere for things)
Am I being silly...should Lidl or any other supermarket allow businesses to empty the shelves...does it matter WHO buys it as long as its bought?
I have decided I am going to write to the Manager of the store and ask this question, I do feel it matters who is buying and how much, because the business customer will come in and buy a lot of a few cheap things (and make a handsome profit) whereas the domestic customer buys a lot of things, however is continually find the shelves empty of certain items, we will just take our custom elsewhere.
So, with that off my chest lets get on with the rest of the day!
With Valentine's Day approaching, I remembered being over in the US around this time of year, and seeing the houses decorated with went in search of a few hearts I have acquired over the years and followed suit.
This one was part of a swap some years ago.... was this one...
...and this little love bird was going for a song ( pardon the pun) a couple of years ago.
I think I will keep them up till the end of Feb, and then the Spring/Easter  decorations will come out...wont that make it a short winter!
Having got the essential household chores out of the way, and doubled my mini work out on the wii,
I was in need of an excuse to sit down....and with the end in sight of another pair of socks, I spent an hour finishing the second one off.
This is the "Peacock" shade from West Yorkshire Spinners Bird Collection
As I mentioned before, the only thing I don't like is the thick stripe in the heel, so I intend to attempt to avoid that in the next pair, which will mean breaking off the wool, which is both a shame and a pain, but I will see how it goes...nothing ventured nothing gained!
I've already got "Pheasant" on the needles in preparation for our drive up to Leicester tomorrow.
It's camp reunion time for Teen One, so we will be having plenty of fun food and reuniting with friends over the weekend.
Wifi may be dodgy so it may be a blog catch up Sunday night.


  1. I agree with you - it is the same when Aldi sells fabric - some people take a trolley full which cannot possibly be for domestic use!

  2. Tut tut you didn't did do you!