Saturday, 11 February 2017

Living It Up!

This morning we were up early to drive to Leicester.
Having packed up the car, Hubby noticed he had a puncture!
He started to pump it up, but we decided it wasn't wise to do 150miles with a dodgy tyre, so switched over to my car.
The family wanted a McDonalds breakfast, but I stoically avoided ordering anything for myself!
Four hours later we were having a delightful lunch with a close friend of ours ( cheat one of the day on the diet!)
It was then on to Camp Reunion, which starts with two hours of very boisterous games....Teen Two was in his element!
Teen One caught up with friends....most of the girls spent the games time sitting in a corner, chatting.
I too managed to have a catch up with friends.
There was then a time of singing camp songs and a short Bible address, then on with Teen Two's next favourite time...the food!
They always do a fab spread and today was no exception....cheat two of the day on the diet!
We then drove a little further north to our Hilton Hotel at East Midlands Airport.
What a treat we were in for!
The beds had this lovely towel arrangement...never had that before!
The Teens had a choccie and rubber duck on their pillows...
...there was wine, jelly beans and mixed nuts....
(cheat three imminent!)
...bottles of fancy water...
Cadbury's hot chocolate...
...bathrobes and slippers.....
...which Teen One is now relaxing in after a lovely hot bath!
We still have some treats left over from Christmas, from FQ2FF, which I brought along with us...
...and we are now all enjoying...
(cheat 4 !)
...we really are living it up!

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