Monday, 20 February 2017

Just Call Me Goldilocks!

Yesterday, we spent a lot of time looking at the amaryllis I was given for Christmas....the blooms were opening before our eyes and we wondered how long it would be before they opened completely...
...well we didn't have long to wait, this morning we were greeted with this lovely scene, and at least two more at the back ready to open out.
It was certainly better than the next scene we saw...
...Hubby's wing mirror had been kicked in overnight!
We weren't initially sure it hadn't been an accident...until he saw a clear foot print on the back!
Some people, never happy unless they are causing trouble.
So one of my tasks this morning was to buy a new one.
Oddly enough, when I went in to the dealers to buy it, the man ahead of me was also buying a wing mirror!
I heard the sales assistant say
"This is the last one in stock sir"
Oh help I thought....and said
"Oh, that's what I have come in for as well!"
Thankfully, it turned out that he needed a left one and I needed a right one,
however, mine was also the last one in does that mean someone is going round town
causing grief for Vauxhall drivers??
After our usual visit to my Monday Recycled Teenager and Morrisons, it was time for a quick lunch then back out again.
Teen Two had a Toy Theatre Workshop at our local theatre, two hours of being creative and for just a fiver!
The road where we parked always makes me smile, all the houses are different colours.
It looks so lovely in the sunshine but sadly it was the wrong time of day to get a good shot.
We left Teen Two with the group of budding designers then Teen One and I took a short walk to a nearby shopping centre.
I was looking for local gifts to take to Australia and we did manage to find one or two things.
Walking round shops is pretty tiring of course, so we stopped for a coffee,
I was very good and had a skinny flat white, whilst Teen One had hot chocolate and the works along with their lovely lemon tart.
We went back to collect Teen Two and as he hadn't quite finished, we asked if it was ok to sit and watch.
There was only one free chair but I saw another collapsible one folded up on the wall,
so I offered Teen One the chair already up, and helped myself to the other one...
well you can guess what happened!
I ended up in a heap on the floor as the legs gave way!
It must have been a hilarious sight and no doubt Teen Two is sorry not to have caught it on camera!
The staff rushed to my aid and were very concerned for me, but I assured them it was only my pride that was hurt!
Of course I was a little sore in places, but was sure I hadn't done anything silly like breaking a bone!
The staff however were insistent that I fill out an accident form, not only to tick the box of following procedure, but to hurry through their request for new chairs!
The chair had been left against the wall as it was broken, of course they felt bad they hadn't thrown it away earlier, or left a note on it, but that's just one of those things isn't it.
I said if I came out in bruises I would send pictures if it helped them with their request for new chairs!
Teen Two had enjoyed his couple of hours and it took me back to the days of junk modelling, which was always one of his favourite things to do.
He and Hubby are now at the gym and once the  kitchen is cleared and Hubby's dinner in the oven I am looking forward to a sit down to rest my aching bones!

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  1. Bless you - and you resisted the gorgeous lemon tart!!! I hope that they gave you a free cuppa!!