Thursday, 2 February 2017

I'd Rather Be Knitting!

It was a really rainy start to the day, and as I expected, this impacted on the number of mums and tots out today, we only had five and only three were old enough to be interested in the activity our Dear Old Soul brought along....she puts such a lot of effort into her crafts, always choosing bright card and cutting it all out herself...she certainly has some is losing a lot of her sight!
Our garden is a bit of a disaster area at the moment, the grass we seeded last year has died off and has been replaced with moss!
We intend to try turf in the spring...and my pots have been upturned by inquisitive bunnies!
Now we have them for good I will have to rethink how and where I plant this year.
This afternoon  I was tempted to spend the afternoon knitting...but my conscience got the better of me (eventually!) and decided to tackle the dusting in Teen Two's room!
When you see the number of things on his shelves you will understand why this is not done as regularly as it should be!
Thankfully things don't have to be in precise places, so I just empty off the shelves and put things back randomly after some serious cleaning!
His chest of drawers was full of goodness knows what, dumped from Christmas, so its now clean and uncluttered... but it looks in dire need of sanding down...I'll add that to the list!
The one area I avoided...was the Lego table!!!
I long to have it all nice and ordered, and in the past have spent hours sorting it all, but in next to no time its back to this ( and you should see the boxes stacked out of sight!)
Dinner tonight is sticky lemon chicken, which is so easy, just drizzle honey over chicken breast,
slice half a lemon, squeeze the other half over the chicken, sprinkle some thyme and pop in the oven till cooked through.
Whilst I have been blogging, Teen Two has come home and indulged in some bunny hugging...
...he really loves these new additions to our family.


  1. Teen two could always take over the dusting lol x

    1. in fairness he does do it from time to time, but not to my standards...and when I am home all day it seems harsh to leave housework for those who have been out working/ of the downsides to being a housewife...not so easy to delegate justifiably!