Friday, 24 February 2017

I Wonder Why?

This morning was a flurry of housework, shopping and laundry before going to the cinema at lunchtime...
...its been a much awaiting film in our household
Lego Batman.
Hubby met us there from work and it was hailed a huge hit
well by three members of the family!
I did enjoy some of the humour, but the rest was a bit too
action packed for my liking!
Before going out I had put a bag of rubbish out, just as a neighbour was trying to access her garage via the driveway at the side of our house.
She called out to me to help....someone had abandoned a pretty new looking kiddie bike and she asked if I could move it for her please.
We were mystified as to who had put it there, but knew there was a family with two little boys further up the road, maybe one had been playing out the back and left it there?
Anyway, I decided to leave it in our forecourt in clear view in the hopes someone would collect it later
When we arrived home from the cinema, this note was in our porch,
explaining they had to abandon it and would be back to collect it later.
What I can't fathom out is why they would go home ( presumably) for a pen and paper to leave me a note, when they could have just taken the bike back home....they only live around the corner!
How weird?
Anyway at least we know it belongs to someone and they will hopefully be back to collect it later.
I didn't manage to fit in my usual work out yesterday, so made sure I did one today after so much sitting down in the cinema!
Teen One also updated her Wii Fit profile...needless to say she is bang slap in the middle of
that elusive "Perfect Weight!"
Hubby and Teen Two also updated their profile and needless to say noone of hit the
"Perfect Weight" range, but everyone has lost weight since they last
"weighed in" which is at least over a year for the boys, so that's not too shabby is it.
With no Friday Club tonight we plan to play some board games...although right now the table we will play it on is out the front being sanded down, which Hubby assures me is a quick job!
Its one of those "five minute jobs" I have waited about two years to be done so I will be thrilled to bits to see it finally done!


  1. I just knew that you would be heading for the film!!

    1. hee hee! Just a shame it was too dark for knitting! I did have it with me but would have been hopeless trying.