Friday, 3 February 2017

Having A "Reely" Good Sort Out!

With the morning's shopping out of the way, it was time to tackle a job I have been meaning to do for ages....sorting out the vast quantity of haberdashery I have inherited in recent years!
Tins and tins of cotton reels, elastic, hook and eyes etc.
My late neighbour used to be work for a tailor, so I suspect the dozens of reels of dark thread came from there.
I kept an assortment of colours, and the separated out the vintage wooden ones....they are too pretty to get rid of, my friend's daughter might like them and I may even upcycle them somehow.
Something I won't be upcycling is this toilet roll holder!
For starters we get through a loo roll a day, just about, so this little lady would need constantly topping up...secondly....I hate the things!
Not sure which I like the least...the dolls or the poodles!
So along with all the other items I decided I would never use, she has been bagged up for charity.
Hubby tackled a job he has been wanting to do for a while...something about a back up drive  (don't ask me!)
It entailed taking the PC apart...not for the first time, so its always a slightly tense time!
The dust the fans suck in has to be seen to be believed!
Its always a good opportunity to give the whole area a jolly good clean!
Thankfully, all was restored and up and running in no time!
One of our craft activities at Friday club was a quick and simple Valentine one...
laminate John 3 vs 16, with the letters aligned to spell out Valentine, then punch holes for the children to thread red wool through.
It always goes down well.
We have used heart shaped cut outs too.
There are loads online, but we chose this one today.
We also let the children paint their pots from last week....
...and one little one decided to paint her hand!
She really loved the feel of it.....I distinctly remember a craft activity at junior school, which entailed getting covered in paint...I hated the cold feel and the horrible smell which lingered for ages!
One of the parents came with their little pooch to collect the children....Teen Two was instantly smitten!
Back home it was time for the weekly chocolate treat and Teen Two decided to eat this game controller he had for Christmas, I have to confess to having one square of Cadbury's fruit and nut!
This will power can't last long!


  1. Shame about the toilet roll lady _ I could have used that at our "Material Memories" event next year. I am positive that so many would have looked at it and thought - I remember that!

    1. I still have it...the bag hasn't gone yet...if you are serious?