Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Farewell Military Diet!

You will guess from the blog title, that this morning's weigh in did not go well!
After sticking to the Military Diet for the second week...and being good on the four "off" days,
it was disappointing to have not lost a single pound....let alone the promised
"up to ten pounds!"
So, its farewell to the Military Diet and hello good old calorie counting.
I have to say, I would have been happy to stay on the rather boring, but quite manageable Military Diet, had it been successful, but I really missed my fruit and particular the fruit as a snack mid morning or afternoon, so I will do my own thing for a while.
It's been rather nice to be free of the shackles of the rigid I weighed out
25g of chocolate raisins ( which I LOVE!)
which come in at just over 100 has been lovely to pop one or two in my mouth when I have had that "need chocolate/something sweet" craving.
The last few evenings I have struggled to see my knitting in the little corner I now sit it, as a result I had dropped a couple of stitches!
So I had a look online to see what sorts of floor lamps were around and saw this
"Father and Child" lamp.
Originally I saw it in Argos for £44, but on checking Homebase it was £27...and bulbs included (but not with Argos)
As we have a Homebase very close to home, I called in this morning and bought one.
I was a little disappointed to discover it needed some assembling, but was too impatient to wait for Hubby to come home, so tackled it myself.
It looked easy enough, but why oh why do they make assumptions in instructions!
There were two occasions when they omitted to tell me I had to remove covers, which looked to me like part of the lamp, rather than protective pieces!
Eventually, Teen One and I got it together and I am really pleased with it.
It sits discretely in the corner and will brighten up a dark corner.
Both lamps are dimmable, and the handy small reader one will be very useful for me knitting or sewing.
My sock knitting adventures continue, but I am not happy with the new range I have started.
Having knitted several pairs using Opal self patterning yarn, I really am struggling with this Stylecraft Head Over Heels yarn.
Its more variegated than self pattering, which is a bit boring, plus it doesn't feel so nice to knit with and isn't knitting up so nicely, I was feeling rather disappointed and had little enthusiasm for knitting today, until...
...the postie came!!
I had stumbling across West Yorkshire Spinners website last week and was really excited to see their country birds inspired sock yarn range.
Not only is the yarn made from British wool, it is spun in West Yorkshire as well.
I had been looking for something that was genuinely from Britain and reflected  life in Britain, so this lovely yarn seemed to tick all the boxes!
I ordered this at the beginning of the week and it arrived today....second class!
That's not bad at all is it!
Of course I couldn't wait to get started, so have abandoned the boring one ( which I will go back to and make for myself rather than a gift ) and cast on with the Peacock shade.
The others shades I chose are Blue Tit, Bullfinch and Pheasant.
By a happy accident, I bought a stash of cheap tea towels in Devon at Christmas, with pictures of British garden birds!
I am really happy to take something to Australia that has real British heritage and hopefully they will appreciate the handmade gifts.
I am of course taking a risk that most of the women/teens in the family wear socks!
I can't wait to get clicking!
Teen One and I went into town this afternoon.
With the errands out of the way, we called into Debenhams to indulge in some perfume testing.
Teen One hasn't got a favourite perfume, and is coming to the end of several years worth of gift perfumes, so we thought, with an airport visit coming up in a couple of months, we would see if there was one she liked enough to buy in Duty Free.
It seems Daisy is her favourite...and of course she loves the bottles too!
There are several to choose from and having sprayed them all, she is making up her mind as to which is the best for her.
Some smell really good in the bottle, but not so good on your skin, so in a few hours we will know which one she favours.
I was always told, if you could smell it on yourself, it didn't suit you.
Back home I received an email from the tea shop we visited on Monday.
I had decided to send some constructive criticism, being sure to praise the staff for their friendliness, but I just felt I couldn't let that filthy tea towel go without comment.
The owner was very happy to receive my comments and thanked me for taking the time to be so honest.
He said things had already been put into place and by way of recompense offered me a voucher to spend in the farm shop or tea room.
I thanked him for his kindness but declined, on the basis I didn't want to take money from a hard working family business, but would happily go back another time to see the improvements.
It will be interesting to see what its like next time!
Being  a new month today, its time to share the Postcard of the Month that FQ2FF made me for Christmas.

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