Saturday, 25 February 2017

Enjoying Good Company and Good Food

This morning we had a leisurely start to the day,
with nothing planned until lunch time...
...which was lunch out with friends at a Chinese buffet restaurant.
The Teens were really looking forward to it as on Saturday's they have twice the amount of food
(as if there wasn't already enough choice!) and a chocolate fountain!
We all had a great time, with great food and Little One really enjoyed her chocolate soup!!
Having finally lost ten pounds  (what a struggle that has been!) I did my best not to over do it and managed to avoid the carbs, but dread to think what the scales will say for the next couple of days!
Teen Two now wants to go back there for his birthday treat in a couple of weeks!
Teen One was a great babysitter, following Little One around when she was bored in her high chair.
The "five minute job" Hubby started last night was needless to say, a longer job than anticipated...
...however the lions share has been done, and there is just the edging to be done.
It will just need waxing afterwards, I didn't like the original varnished finish.
This afternoon I could have found things to do, but was in the mood for some knitting and TV watching for a change, so indulged myself!
Teen One had coursework, Hubby made a start on his Bible Class lesson and Teen Two honed his Wii skills!
Mid afternoon the phone went, it was the Community Police in response to the trouble we had at church the other week.
They wanted to know the times of our services, in particular the children's club, so that if they are free, they will send a Bobby along to see if there is anything they can do.
It was nice to know they cared and can't you bet we wont see hide nor hair of the trouble makers for a while now!
Tonight we are going to a Bible teaching meeting, one which Teen Two in particular has been looking forward to as the preacher has a particularly dry sense of humour which really appeals to him!
We have been invited out to supper afterwards, and as we are still stuffed from lunch so skipping tea, will probably be most welcome....but I think I will refrain!
Finally....the owners of the little trike came in the morning...I just happened to see them from the upstairs window, so I am glad that has gone back to it rightful owner but am none the wiser as to why it was abandoned so close to home!


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