Thursday, 23 February 2017

Dodging Storm Doris

This morning I noticed that my Valentine Rose was just about dead,
but the petals still had a lovely colour, so I pulled them off the stem and am storing them in this tea cup until they are completely dried...and as this cup is kept in a glass cabinet, it may be I keep the petals in there permanently as I never use this cup and saucer.
It occurred to me it wouldn't be too difficult to create a personal pot pourri using leaves and petals from special gifts and I may make this the start of such a collection.
A foster carer friend has a teenager for this week, on respite, so we arranged to meet up half way for a game of bowling.
Being half term there was a "meal deal" included, which made it cheaper to book with the burger meal and two games than just the two games.
I went with the intention of only eating the bean burger I had pre ordered, not the bun or fries....
...however all did not go to plan and I am now foregoing any dinner to reduce the damage!
Teen One did well with her strikes... did Teen Two... friend and her visitor also did well....even I managed one!
The only thing that spoilt the day was the fact the lane kept having issues, the skittles came down fallen, or didn't get taken away, or the barrier didn't go up, at one point a pair of legs appeared to remove a trapped did make us laugh, we hadn't expected to see anyone from behind the machine!
We were there for three hours, which was way longer than it should have taken and no doubt there were other groups waiting for our game to end.

We then went our separate ways, with the Teens and I heading for the shops.
Teen Two always likes to see what Menkind has in store, and today he enjoyed trying out the massage chair....
...whilst Teen One and I enjoyed the piano playing of a young man at the centre's
grand piano.
Looks can most certainly be deceiving, when I had seen the young  man a few minutes earlier in the shop, he looked a little on the rough side.....I never would have imagined he could play spectacular classical pieces of work!
It was AMAZING and such a complex piece...and of course no music to read from.
It was a joy to stand there and listen to him.
As for Storm Doris, well we have well done to dodge her path today.
On our way to meet my friend we saw a lorry pulled over on the hard shoulder with part of its load having blown off.
My friend was a little late arriving for bowling as a tree down had blocked the road, causing a diversion around town, and on our way home, just a road away from our house a tree was down, but thankfully a team of experts had removed most of it by the time we were there, allowing traffic to move, albeit a little slower than usual.
We are grateful to have been kept safe.

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