Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Cups of Tea With Good Company

Continuing with the "Mushy Day" as FQ2FF renamed it we lit the candle last night for Hubby to enjoy as he ate his dinner whilst the rest of us looked on...
... I say the rest of us, but in reality it was just me and Teen Two,
my dinner had been very boring lentils, carrots, green beans and quorn sausage, so this looked and smelt way better!
Teen Two had been to footy and worked off his pasta dinner, so coming in to the smell of steak really got his juice buds flowing!

This morning I called in to our Dear Old Soul with another book which she had asked for, again it was based on Jim Elliot and this time she was in, and delighted to receive it so quickly.
You can't beat internet shopping at times can you!
I then took Teen One to visit our dear friend "The Teddy Bear Man"
He has finished his course of chemo and awaits the results next week.
His PSA levels are low but there is secondary cancer else where, so we do pray the chemo has worked.
He is such a lovely man I am not ready to lose him yet!
We hadn't said we were going over so he and his wife were delighted to have unexpected visitors.
Its some time since they saw Teen One so that was an added pleasure for them.
He mentioned he teaches maths voluntarily in a prep school, having spent most of his teaching career in private schools he rather misses the environment now he is retired, but above all misses teaching the pupils.
He is currently working with SEN pupils, and has continued this throughout his chemo treatment.
 Since coming home I have wondered if he might consider giving Teen Two some private lessons,
he and Teen Two have a real rapport and he has such a gentle spirit and manner I feel this might boost Teen Two's confidence in the subject.
Classrooms tend to be hectic with distractions aplenty, so I might run it passed him the next time we visit.
Whilst having a cuppa with our friends, I had a text to say my teacher friend was in our house enjoying our wifi as one of her pupil visits had been cancelled, so she made the most of the time to write up some reports.
I had promised Teen One a McDonalds drive thru lunch, so picked up a wrap for my friend as well ( and had a crispbread myself!)
We enjoyed another cuppa in good company before setting to with some chores,
coursework for Teen One and housework for me.
I did my usual mini work out...and was a little disheartened to see its been a "treading water" week weight wise, playing catch up after the cheating weekend.
Oh well, better to be the same than gain.
Sock wise I decided to brave it and cut the yarn at the heel to give a more uniform stripe...however I did it on Monday night when I took Teen Two to his trampoline session....its only when I took a photo this afternoon that I realised I made the grey stripes too wide!
Well its going to stay and I will have to make the other sock to match, but when I make the next pair I will be wiser!

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