Saturday, 4 February 2017

Celebrating Chinese New Year

Both Hubby and I awoke early this morning...isn't it always the way when you could lie in and your body doesn't want to!
We had quite an industrious morning,
mine was spent mostly in the kitchen, baking a blind pastry case for lemon meringue pie tomorrow,
soup for lunch and the a spicy lamb and chickpea casserole for dinner.
For the "stodge" (as Hubby refers to carbs as) I thought I would try out this bulgar wheat, cracked soya and red quinoa.
It  was very easy to cook and had a lovely texture, a bit like brown rice and cous cous mixed up
It might not have been the most colourful of dinners, but it was very wholesome and more importantly very tasty!
I love mint sauce/jelly with lamb and to counteract the spiciness mixed some in with greek was a hit all round.
Teen One was busy in the kitchen too, baking a cake for a friend at church whose birthday is tomorrow.
We had a bit of trouble with some slightly sloppy icing...but it will hopefully add to the charm of a homemade cake...and its the thought that counts!
Teen Two and Hubby took our old sofa to the dump as no one came forward from was tricky to get in the back of the car and once in we couldn't shut the Teen Two and Hubby just about ripped it apart in situ as it was way too much trouble to try and get out again!
After lunch we headed out to our local Outlet shopping centre where we had read they were celebrating Chinese New Year.
There was a Dragon procession...
...where they threw out Fortune Cookies for the kids... was lovely to be out in the sunshine for a change!
We were then treated to a traditional display from some very energetic
youngsters....I have to admit to finding the beating of the drum and crashing of cymbals a trifle monotonos after a while, but you had to admire their skills and stamina!
I can't begin to tell you all the names of the routines that followed, but they were expertly carried out by a very varied range of ages
This man on the left had all manner of things smashed against his body and never winced once....we had to duck a few times from the flying debris!
Everything was done so ceremoniously, with precision shown to each detail
Sadly this was the best shot I could get of two men in a kind of bunk bed style bed of nails....
Teen Two was thrilled to be picked out to test if a piece of metal was was the smashed against the "strong man's" head and broke in two!
It was a great afternoon and although we would like to have lingered to look round the shops we had a Bible teaching meeting to go to, one that Teen Two loves as they have spectacular suppers
(they know how to attract the youngsters!)
Coming home the heavens opened and the roads were awash with rain , you never would have guessed it was the same day as earlier!

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