Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Another Day Another Tea Shop!

This morning we stayed home, watched a DVD, ate popcorn, with a little bit of knitting of course!
For lunch Teen Two was meeting up with one of his groups at Pizza Hut,
so Teen One and I went in search of a new tea shop.
We found a lovely one on a nearby sea front, which was INCREDIBLY windy!
Storm Doris has most certainly arrived, we could barely stand straight!
The Tea Shop was lovely, with pretty wallpaper ( and little blue tits!) pretty mirrors...
...pretty chandeliers and French country style dressers to house the scrummy cakes.
Each table was different, and no two chairs appeared to be the same, some were grand looking, some quite ordinary, but altogether it looked very chic.
No two pieces of china were the same either and altogether it was an eclectic mix of
chintz and chicness!
I ordered a passion fruit and orange tea, which was delicious!
Often fruit teas smell lovely but give little flavour, this gave both.
I had soup again ( and bread!) which was a very tasty Sri Lanken chicken soup, a little spicy and rather Moroccan tasting ( my geography is bad....maybe they are near each other!)
Teen One was rather impressed that I knew the name of my tea plate and bowl (Summer Chintz)
....and also hers...Royal Albert Old Country Roses, she needn't be too in awe...I doubt I could name many more!
She enjoyed her cheese and tomato toastie and was able to finish off her salad today!
I noticed a couple nearby have a high tea looked lovely!
We looked around a local gift shop and gallery, but managed to keep hold of our money!
Back home, with Teen Two collected, I decided to sort out my bag.
I was actually looking for a free Ikea voucher ( to no avail) and found some jumbo sultanas at the bottom...but couldn't remember buying any...then I found a plastic bag and tried up stalk and remembered taking a bunch of grapes out with me some MONTHS ago!!
The gerbils can enjoy them now I think!


  1. I swear that there cannot be a tea room that you haven't found!!

    1. Ooo we have a limitless supply of "research" down here!