Tuesday, 7 February 2017

A Touch Of Spring In The Air

As I lay in bed this morning, listening to the fog horns, I was expecting a really dreary day,
how wrong could I be!
We have had glorious sunshine and is has even been warm!
So much so that I actually put the washing on the line!
My friend usually pops in on a Tuesday for lunch or coffee, but due to an overload of work wasn't going to be able to fit it in, so with the unexpected "free time" and beautiful weather I was itching to do something spontaneous.
I haven't seen my aunt and uncle in a while, and knowing they are not in the best of health, decided to pay them an impromptu visit.
Despite them both being poorly, and my aunt not even out of bed, they were pleased to see me and we had a cuppa and catch up until around lunch time.
Hopefully it will have broken up the monotony of long days with no strength or enthusiasm to do much, and I must make time to visit them more often.
I called into Tesco on the way home for something I had forgotten yesterday, and as you do, had a mooch around the reduced section.
I was delighted to see canned pumpkin! Not only available but reduced.
Its something that is very easy to buy in the US but rare to find here.
I can't wait to make a pumpkin pie now!
I also saw these cake decorations for 30p which I thought might make an unusual little gift to take over to Australia later in the year....although I must confess to thinking they were false nails when I first saw them!
I also treated myself to a new loaf tin.
My existing one is many years old and has started to go rusty, not that I worry too much about that as I always use a liner these days but I decided for £2 I would splash out on a pristine one.
They did have a heavy duty one for £6 and I wondered if that might be the better option,  but the scrooge inside me wasn't prepared to pay three times the price.
After a quick lunch break I decided to tackle the conservatory, which in the winter seems to be permanently covered in muddy foot prints and paw prints, and whilst I wash it down daily, it really needed a good going over, with the doors wide open and the fresh air wafting in, it really was like spring had arrived!
The daffodils in the garden are popping up all over the place and it appears bunnies are not keen on daffs....phew!
They have however been munching on the primroses that had started to emerge...time to get some fencing I think!

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  1. Lucky you - we enjoyed that kind of day yesterday. Today has been cold and very gloomy with rain every now and again!