Tuesday, 14 February 2017

A Special Day

Valentine's Day is a special day for Hubby and I.
35years ago today he asked me to go out with him...nothing to do with it being Valentine's Day, just a happy coincidence and every year since then it has been our special day.
I would not say we are overly romantic in any shape or form, but hearts and special treats to figure on
Feb 14th in this house hold.
I bought the above candle reduced several years ago, and today have decided to light it over dinner
(and just to bring those thoughts of a candle light dinner for two to an abrupt halt, hubby will be eating alone on the sofa as we will have eaten several hour before he comes home!)
Cards have never figured big in our relationship, it was YEARS before he bought me a birthday card and we have never exchanged Christmas cards, but he ALWAYS sent me a Valentine card...although has never signed it from himself...it is always coded ( oh how I wish I was that clever!)
well Valentine's are supposed to be secret right?
We never give our present to each other, it is always hidden somewhere.
One year Hubby combated his fear of heights to climb the scaffolding we had up, and deliver a box of Milk Tray through our bedroom window!
The last few years I have woken to a box of After Eights and a card by my pillow...and the only place I can be sure he will definitely go to first thing in the morning is his underwear drawer!
Romantic huh!
Dinner is generally one of his favourites, steak and peppercorn sauce.
I just wish after 35years I could cook a good steak, but he never complains!
Teen Two started the morning off by being a hero...a larger than life spider was threatening to fall on my head every time I walked in and out of the kitchen door.
He asked for this spider catcher a couple of years ago and it has been SOOOOO useful!
Our Dear Old Soul had church had phoned me in the week, asking if I could get hold of a copy of
Through Gates of Splendour.
A book about missionaries who were murdered in Ecuador back in the 50's.
Jim Elliot was one of them and was a real hero of Hubby when I first knew him.
I was delighted to be able to buy a brand new copy for just over £6, with free P&P and it arrived in two working days!
I popped it in to her today ( sadly she was out) but know she will be bowled over at the wonder of the internet to track down something and have it in your hand  a few days later.
Watching a programme the other day, I was reminded that years ago we had to expect delivery
"up to 28days" after ordering whereas nowadays we expect it the next day!

Half way through the morning Teen One and I went to see Hubby's cousin and her husband for coffee.
They look after their grandchildren a few days a week and we were delighted to catch up with one of them.
She was a little bundle of fun and love, which is a great distraction for them as they deal with the side effects  Hubby is having for the  treatment for brain cancer.
There is a scan due in a couple of weeks and we do so pray it is good news.

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