Monday, 13 February 2017

A Garden Workout!

This morning was the usual trip to my Monday Recycled Teenager, then a trip to Morrisons.
Lunch was back to the diet of course, crispbakes with a small amount of cottage cheese and some fruit, coming in at just over 100 calories, it is surprisingly tasty.
I wasn't friends with the scales today a pound and a half up, but what did I expect?!
The car was absolutely filthy after all that motorway driving, so it was off for the Tesco Treatment again.
We both need to up our game though as both last week and this week showed we are no car cleaners!
Even though we give it a good old scrubbing with more soap than you have seen in a lifetime on a car, we still see dirt once it has all dried I don't know what the secret is, but we need to learn it!
However, it loads cleaner than it was.
This afternoon was so lovely and sunny (but cold!) that Teen Two and I spent it working in the garden.
He cleaned out the hutch and I cleared out a corner that was piled with rubbish from the new fence being put up last month.
There are now several bags out the back ready to go to the dump.
Our can hardly call it lawn...infact the correct term is "moss" is looking sadder by the day, so we will measure up soon and get some prices for turfs.
We will also dispense with the path that leads to nowhere, since we have not managed to find matching ones for the last two summers.
It is also a pain to mow the lawn with them there and last year the bunnies were forever leaving "presents" on them, so as much as I enjoyed the idea of a path to the patio, we will have to forgo it for the time being.
I did want fake grass it has to be said...but Hubby wasn't keen and now we have the bunnies its out of the question.
After a couple of hours of hard work in the garden, I didn't much feel like going on the Wii fit, but summonsed up the energy for a really mini work out, and I was glad I had,
when I did the body test my BMI had only gone up a tiny bit and the weight was the same with a little message saying I had put on a little weight...which must mean too little to register....less than a pound I guess, which means I must have worked off most of what I I am looking forward to seeing what the scales say tomorrow, maybe it wont be as bad as I think, I find it hard to come back from a pound or two gained on a diet and I do so want to fit in to my old summer dress for the wedding in May....or maybe a new one even!
There has been much talk of rice in the press recently and FQ2FF also made mention of it.
I hadn't taken too much notice to be honest, there are always food worries flying around and I have always been of the opinion "moderation in all things" is fine.
Having read about the arsenic in rice it was a little worrying, especially as it is sold as a health product in many places and is of course a staple diet for many.
However, having made myself a little more intelligent on the matter, I can only assume we have not suffered arsenic poisoning yet is because of the way I cook my rice!
I am a rather lazy cook and never weigh out the rice and do a particular proportion of water so that when the water has been absorbed you know the rice is cooked.
I just fill the pan with water ( believing it was probably way too much but who cares!) and  that I now read is the best way to avoid getting poisoned!
Another recommendation is to rinse the rice after...which I mostly do, and if possible soak the rice overnight, this allows most of the arsenic to come out of the rice and go into the water, which is where it "prefers" to be.
My grandmother used to make rice pudding a lot and always soaked I guess that's why they were never affected either.
I shall continue to eat rice as normal and cook it the way I always do...which for a change seems to be the right way!

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  1. Since the arsenic is accumulative, I don't think that the quantity / frequency I eat is too much of a problem!