Wednesday, 8 February 2017

A Day To Make My Heart Skip For Joy!

This morning I took Grandma to The Lavender Fields to buy some presents to take to Australia.
I love Emma Ball's designs, her simple watercolour pictures really capture the British countryside so well.
The Lavender Fields feature on her Hampshire series, along with other places so close to home, I am sure our families down under will appreciate these tea towels and the connections with them.
I also bought some lavender chocolate, which is made in the New Forest, with lavender from the Lavender Fields.
It sounds a strange mix, but having tried it last year, I know it works well...the lavender almost has a ginger taste to it.
For several reasons I fell in love with this design, also by Emma Ball.
Not only does it capture many of our British garden birds, it has knitted socks, which of course I am in the throes of making ( and using British bird inspired colours!) and last but not least, they are on a washing of my favourite scenes!
I only bought one and wonder if I should have got more, but I can always order online if I feel so inclined.
After lunch, Teen One and I went shopping.
We had seen a dress in a window at the weekend, which suggested there might be other dresses she would like, as recently we have found it very hard to find a colour and style that is "her."
I have never been in a Hobbs of London shop before, the prices are way beyond anything I would consider, even at outlet prices!
However, we came across this one and Teen One was quite taken with the painted roses.
She tried it on and it looked lovely.
It has two pleats front and back, not really visible in the picture, but it really did hang so nicely on her.
What usually happens when we go dress shopping at the moment is we look at it, consider if she likes it or not..then look at the price....and then look at each other and say
"no we don't like it THAT much!"
This dress, whilst still on the pricey side, was reduced so much that even the cashier took a double take!
It was £159 down to £47!
We saw a cream jacket, which looked really lovely with the dress, but even at its reduced price it was nearly £100 and neither of us felt we could justify paying that much as she isn't really keen on jackets, but did see it would be perfect for a wedding...which of course is what all this dress shopping is in aid of!
However, we left the jacket, hoping to find something cheaper ( but not so cheap looking to spoils the dress) or maybe a little bolero or something.
Anyway, we have several months before we need to worry about that.
Whilst Teen One was trying on the dress, I saw this blouse on the "damaged" rail,
it has its camisole missing, but Teen One has several, when I showed her this she was as taken with is as I was, we both really love the daisies down the front and its such a versatile style and colour.
So, back home, thrilled with our purchases, we had an even bigger thrill awaiting us,
a dear friend of ours, who I may have already mentioned is getting married soon, sent us an invitation through the post for the whole family!
We hadn't really expected to get an invite, but my heart really skipped for joy to see his name there on the invite, really finally getting his dream come true!
Not only was I thrilled for him, but also his wife to be who lost her first husband in a tragic accident a year ago next month.
Seeing her so heartbroken at his funeral last year was one of the saddest days of my life, and I am so very happy she has found someone else to love and treasure her and to share her life with.


  1. Hobbs eh? You will soon be charging us for talking to you!

    1. You've heard of them? More than I had until the weekend and I must have walked past the shop a hundred times!