Friday, 17 February 2017

A Belated Valentine Pressie!

Last night was rather short.....Teen Two came in at 1.30am almost in tears, because he hadn't managed to drop off to sleep, so I bleary eyed went downstairs and made him some Horlicks and assured him he would be asleep within the hour...and thankfully he was. 4am I was still awake!
I didn't bother with the Horlicks but did drift off into a lovely sleep just when it was time to get up!
We are not regular Horlicks drinkers and had bought this tub whilst on holiday last year....only because it had come up in an episode of Last Of The Summer Wine and the Teens didn't know what it was.
Whether there is any truth in its powers to help you sleep I have no idea, but it certainly worked last night!
Well little sleep or no, the day had to carry on as normal.
Teen One and I had arranged to go into town, run a few errands, look for some Friday Club shop stuff and have a general mooch around.
We saw a new shop called Quiz and I sawa lovely coral jacket in the window, which I thought Teen One would look lovely in, sadly she didn't think she had anything to match (why is she so sensible!) but when we looked round the store we saw a cream one, which we hope will match her Hobbs dress.
It was much more our price £17.99!
Having checked out online we could have got it even cheaper and also she could have got student discount!
Never mind, it was so reasonable we cant complain.
It has quite a few pretty things in at the moment so it is a welcome addition to our shopping centre.
Hubby suddenly remembered he had bought me a rose for Valentine's Day and forgotten to give it to me!
Thankfully it was packaged with a little phial of water so kept a fiver a rose that's a relief!
One doesn't like to me ungrateful but when they are £2 a bunch before Valentine's day it does go against the grain to pay more the following week.
Mind you it is a special rose, velvety and beautifully proportioned, and "guaranteed" to last a week, so lets see how it does.
I made a mess making a cuppa first thing this morning, it dripped everywhere!
Is it just me or can you see a duck in the drip?
The afternoon was spent making dinner and general housework, then it was off to Friday Club.
When we arrived there were four kids on the roof doing their best to cause mayhem.
I asked them very gently to get down for their own safety and then took out my camera and said
"smile" well you never saw hoods and scarves go up so quickly, they clearly have tried to hide their faces before!
They also couldn't get off the roof quick enough.
There was a bit of stone throwing at windows for a couple of minutes, but then thankfully they got bored.
I have learnt never to speak as the voice of authority, since they have no respect or fear of authority and that just seems to make them act "big" and start arguing/swearing etc.
Just trying to have a conversation with them is always interesting, they must spend their lives being told off, shooed away, shouted at etc, to have someone speak kindly to them must be a novelty!
However, I wouldn't be surprised if under the cover of darkness they return and try to do some damage.
As it was Shop tonight, the craft activity needed to be one the kids could do by themselves,
biscuit decorating is always a good standby, so I left them to it and had to smile at one or two of them who had taken advantage of not being supervised and piled on the icing and rainbow drops....this is over an inch high...
... as was this one!
The Shop was a big hit as usual, and especially with the older ones,
I had bought a pile of Disney T shirts in Primark today for £1, sizes 4 and 6 which I reckoned would be kid size, the girls loved them apparently!
I had also bought some hand warmers with cute doggies on, 2 for 50p, they went like hot cakes,
its so hard to know what to  get kids these days, its good to find something  they actually want to spend their points on.
Gone are the days when we had a shoe box filled with balloons, combs, stickers, rubbers, pencils etc!

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  1. I know what you mean - you have to be so careful these days when you talk to young people who are not doing what they should be!