Thursday, 12 January 2017

Young Whippersnappers!

This morning was Parent and Toddlers as usual.
We had quite a good number out, despite the cold rain.
Our Dear Old Soul made it out and made paper snowmen with the tots....most of which have not seen snow yet!
After a very quick lunch, I took Grandma up to the hospital for a pre op assessment, ahead of a small procedure next week.
Having got up there, walked the miles of corridor, the nurse informed us Grandma  was having a local instead of a general anesthetic, we didn't need to attend why send the letter in the first place!
As we had made the effort to attend, the nurse went through the formalities.
She was a little taken aback, when asking Grandma what she would like to be called on the day, Grandma responded..."Mrs A" giving her full surname.
"I don't like being called by my first name by young whipper snappers" she added...
"but its ok, you can call me by my first name!"
The poor nurse ( who did look a little over retiring age) probably had her morale really deflated!
Back home, I was pleased to see my new Christmas present had worked.
You have probably seen them advertised, they are metal boards that defrost frozen foods super quick.
This mince was completely frozen when I went out, but was well on its way to being thawed when I arrived home.
So with the bolognaise in the oven for tonight's dinner, and the housework done.... was time for a cuppa with Teen One...
..cosied up by the woodburner, listening to the unrelenting rain outside
Teen One did some surfing to find a craft for tomorrow's Friday Club...
...for me it was a chance to try out my new circular needle....what a super speedy ebay transaction that was!
I am so pleased with these sellers they never fail to deliver excellent service.
The needle however, is SOOOOO TINY!
It's like knitting with matchsticks!
My hands ( which are not overly big and possibly smaller than many) feel like giants hands!
I will give it a few hours before deciding if I made the right decision, if not its back to the four DPNs!
Hubby had to see the nurse for the last couple of days for a blood test and blood pressure update.
The blood test was a fasting one, but yesterday morning he forgot and started to have some breakfast before realising!
So,  was told to not eat from 8pm last night and go again this 9pm last night he came up to me munching on some nuts!
"What are you doing!" I exclaimed "No eating remember!"
"Arggh...I haven't actually swallowed any yet!" He said as he quickly spat them out into the bin!!
His blood pressure sadly was still too high ( despite two lots of meds for several months) so he has to see the doctor in a couple of weeks.
Its possible the digital monitor is not suited to him, the Dr obtained much lower readings on the old fashioned machine and said it might not be possible to get accurate readings from the new digital ones, so we have to wait and see what she says in a couple of weeks.
Meanwhile, Hubby is looking forward to getting up tomorrow and being back in his usual routine of having a cuppa and a ginger biccie as he does his daily Bible reading, and then having some brekky before heading out to work!

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