Sunday, 22 January 2017

What...Trust A Barber?

This morning was white and frosty when I opened the curtains, hard to believe it wasn't snow!
As usual we had church first thing...

...followed by roast beef, now I don't know if it is because I had a fairly limited and bland diet most of the week, but this joint of beef tasted out of this world!
I have to confess to not sticking to the diet, but still being restrained.
Since Eve's pudding is one, if not THE most favourite desserts of all times for me, I did have a small spoonful, and could have had much more...if not the whole thing!
The afternoon was our usual games fest of Rummikub, Rummikub Word and the Scrabble.
Grandma hasn't been out since her little op on Tuesday, so she really enjoyed the day of being entertained and waited on.
On our way to church in the evening, I was shocked to see a man sleeping in the doorway of one of the shops nearby.
Whilst there are rough sleepers a plenty in the centre of town, I have never seen one in our neighbourhood, it was quite a shock.
After the service we have a cup of tea, so I made a large one with plenty of sugar in it, in a disposable tumbler, then bagged up some biccies, found a small booklet that shared some Bible truths about salvation and also the value of a soul to God.
On our way home we drove passed the shop front and the man was still there.
Not wanting to offend him in any way, I said we had seen him earlier and wondered if he would like a cup of tea....which he gratefully received and wished us a pleasant evening.
He seemed quite an intelligent man and one wonders how someone like that ends up in the freezing cold in a shop front.
Needless to say I am grateful for my warm house and bed on a night like tonight and feel rather sad that just a short walk away someone is having a very different experience.
Some years ago Hubby brought home a homeless person to his parents house.
They were very gracious and allowed the stranger to stay the night, gave him a warm meal etc,
sadly by morning he had disappeared and they were never sure if he didn't leave empty handed either.
Back home it was haircut time for the fellas.
No prizes for guessing which is Hubby's and which is Teen Two's!
I did have to laugh at Teen I was doing his hair, wishing I had some idea of how to actually style hair, rather than just use to trimmers, I said to him
"You've never been to a real barbers before have you...maybe we should do it one day as  a treat?"
An alarmed response came back..
"Are you kidding, I wouldn't trust a stranger to do my hair, he might ruin it!"
I did try and explain that the barber only did what you asked them to do, but he wasn't having any of it!
If only I had as much confidence in my barbering skills as he has!

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