Tuesday, 10 January 2017

There's Always Another Year!

Today was a "free" day, no appointments, nowhere I had to be...but plenty rumbling around in my brain for things I wanted to achieve.
The first one was to visit our Dear Old Soul from church, to check she was ok after last weeks phone call.
As I drove down her road, I thought I recognised the profile at the bus stop...so went passed her house and up to the bus stop...and there she was!
She was off to town, to stock up incase snow came south at the end of the week.
I managed to persuade her to let me take her, and I wanted to hang around and bring her back, but she wouldn't hear of it and I didn't want to make her rush by insisting.
Having dropped her off I popped into Tesco, only for a couple of things...but as I passed by the back of the store, I saw all these goodies, being practically given away!
Most items were 25p, including these cute little hand cream tubs, all tied up with ribbon,
and the most expensive was £1!
These hand washes were also 25p and will probably be kept for home.
Even the little tins of smellies only cost 62p.
I now have lots of incidental gifts for throughout the year ( and next year no doubt!)
Whilst I was perusing the shelves my friend rang to say an appointment had been cancelled at work, so she was sitting in my living room catching up on paperwork,
so I passed by the bakery section on my way to the till and a reduced box of fresh cream scones may have just found its way into my trolley!
After a pleasant chat and cuppa ( not to mention those scones) my friend had to return to work, and I cracked on with the rest of the activities I had planned for the day.
Firstly was to make some Red Thai butternut squash soup to take tomorrow...I did check with the family we are visiting to make sure they like spicy things, and thankfully they do...although I haven't made it too spicy....don't want baby to complain later!
Next I made a Victoria Sandwich, which tomorrow I will fill with fresh cream, blueberries and raspberries.
Next up was putting a couple of baskets of laundry away...and then seeing the inside of my wardrobes with new eyes!
I mean, this is seriously embarrassing isn't it!
So, I dumped the whole lot out on the bed and went through it in the usual "charity, bin, save" piles.
Amongst it all I found this (remember it FQ2FF?)....which is around 14 years old....and is by no means the oldest "come in handy" item in my wardrobe.....I really am one of life's hoarders    keepers of useful things it seems!
An hour later things were much more orderly...still a lot of stuff by some standards, but at least I have more of an idea of what is in there now!
And since I took the photo, I went through the clothes and got rid of a charity bag full of clothes that I haven't worn in many a year...and there is probably another bag full in there if I am honest, but there is always another year!
Something that I was really happy to find hiding in the wardrobe, were these stitch markers.
With my knitted sock craze, stitch markers are needed, up until now I have been using these....
...hair grips!
So tonight I will be able to have pretty stitch markers dangling down instead!
I am also thinking about buying a small circular needle....whilst my tension is getting a little better at the end of each row, a circular needle would remove the extra work required to make sure the tension is even all the way round.
My last "must do" for the day, was to sew the buttons on a little knitted set I made last month for the new baby we are hoping to see tomorrow.
Why do I leave things to the last minute?
I am pleased with all I have achieved today ( with loads of more mundane not blog worthy, having been fitted in) and am looking forward to a quiet night on the sofa with some knitting in hand.

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  1. Loving your bargains - but not as brave as you regarding the wardrobe! I will leave that task for another day!