Thursday, 26 January 2017

The Car With R' R' Roooom!

Today Teen One and I went to Parent and Toddlers as usual.
We had a very small turn out, but the weather was freezing!
Back home I uploaded the old sofa onto freecyle and hope someone is interested, saves trying to get it to the dump, and if you don't mind sitting on a cushion, or only on one side it will be perfect!
Teen One and I then set off to the Warehouse clearance outlet to pay for the new sofa.
Seeing it up close again, and knowing the backs clipped off, I asked if they thought it might fit into my Fiesta!
They looked at me like I was a trifle mad, but humoured me as I went off to put the back seats down...
and ta dah!
It fitted!
My Clio was the car advertised as having Va Va Vooom...
but my Fiesta clearly has R' R' Roooom!
Teen One and I even managed to carry it into the house and manoeuvre it through the living room door!
Mind you, she did struggle a bit and said
" are so strong!"
We have both been enjoying road testing it this afternoon.
Hubby will be in for a surprise when he comes home...he doubted my belief it would fit in the back of his much bigger Vectra!
All I need now is to find a coffee table, I have fought having one in the middle of the room all our married life as I know it will become a dumping ground...I will try and find a smallish one with drawers so any accumalations can be sneaked in there out of the way!

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