Monday, 23 January 2017

Someone To Call "Mum"

This morning was an earlier start than usual, Hubby had a doctors appointment at 7.15am, which is great for a worker, not so great for the poor Doctor I guess!
Hubby has blood pressure issues and upon hearing my suspicions that Hubby has sleep apnoea, he decided to up the medication a bit.
We hope this will sort the problem, no one wants to be on medication permanently, but its a small price to pay for good health.
Teen One had to go to Uni for a couple of hours as part of her PE curriculum...probably her least favourite sessions!
Teen Two and I went to see my Monday Recycled Teenager and then our usual visit to Morrisons.
Hubby had asked me to get some more baby lotion, which has been really successful in sorting out his cracked hand, which can get very messy and sore at this time of year.
The Doctor has in the past given him all kinds of steroid cream to help, but simple baby lotion has done the trick.
I picked up a bottle on special offer for 80p, feeling rather pleased it was cheaper than usual, then when I passed the reduced gondola imagine my excitement (I know, sad isn't it!) to see the same bottles reduced to 25p!
The reason they were reduced was because a bottle of something blue (fabric softener I reckoned) had spilt all over them, leaving the bottles gungy.
Well all it took was a quick wash in warm water and they were good as new!
One wonders why supermarkets don't do that simple job themselves, it would save a lot of wastage and profit, however I was more than happy to benefit!

Due to a spillage over the weekend, my oven was looking rather embarrassing, so using the Poundland Oven Pride, I bagged up the shelves, sprinkled some of the liquid on the door and bottom of the oven...
...I cracked on with some laundry and other bit and bobs, then a couple of hours later....
hey presto...all gleaming again!
Part way through the afternoon my late neighbour's son called round with some daffodils....he always used to give his mum the first bunch of daffs he saw, as he leaves, he often says
"see you later mum"
I am young enough to be his daughter, but it does make me smile when he says it, I can only think he misses calling someone mum!
Tonight we met up with friends for a belated birthday meal.
It was good to spend time with them, and a lovely treat not to have to cook.
I had fish and chips, and was very good, leaving most of the batter and not having a dessert!
The weigh in for last week's Military Diet stayed at 3lbs.
Of course I would have loved to lose the "up to" 10lb, but that was never going to happen.
I am going to have Weds Thurs Fri as my three days of "fasting" this week, as I am out for lunch tomorrow ...again!
My prediction last week was right and for next week I predict just 2lbs down.

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