Monday, 2 January 2017

Packing Away Christmas

After a good night's sleep, I woke early, bright and breezy, and knowing how much laundry was still waiting for me ( despite several loads last night!) I got up soon after 6am....not exactly the lie in I had planned!
Whilst the rest of the household slept, I sorted yesterday's clean washing, put in more, cleared the kitchen, emptied the food bag from the long journey, and generally busied myself without making too much noise.
When it was a more decent hour (7.30am!) I took Hubby a cuppa and some breakfast up to bed.
Of course I also took myself a second cup up, and had a leisurely catch up on the laptop, whilst enjoying the pleasure of not having to clock watch, for the last time in a while.
The rest of the morning was spent taking down all the decorations, dismantling the tree ( that was novel for us!) and trying to find homes for all the goodies we received.
Teen Two made several trips up to the attic for me, and later in the week I will restack it in our cubby hole up there.
One present I didn't have to find a space for, was this amazing piece of work!
As soon as I opened it I knew where I wanted it to go!
It's not polite to have "favourite" presents is it...but who couldn't but appreciate, love and be wowed by this labour of love!
FQ2FF really excelled herself with this delightful project, which for all sorts of reason, was right up my street!
Not only does it look amazing as it is, there are 11 more "postcards" to be hung on the washing line each this really is a gift that keeps on giving!
Each month I will share with you what the new Scripture verse is.
I hope you are all well and truly jealous and I feel very very grateful and blessed indeed!
Everyone entering our hallway will have the pleasure of seeing this masterpiece!
I will have to watch some of them...they may just try and sneak out of the house with it!
The final festive decorations to come down ( or so I thought!) were the cards.
This amazing card is also a favourite.
Each year one of my cousins makes his own cards, many of which require an engineer to put together ( they are always "flat pack") so this is always Hubby's job.
Just where the inspiration comes from  I have no idea...expect for this year....
...what a brilliant idea!
Just like last year, we had several chocolate decorations left on the tree ( and I had eaten three before taking this picture!) so I would say the Teens have well and truly outgrown the need to have choccie decs next year don't you think?
By late afternoon the Christmas Tree had gone, the carpet hoovered and the side table back out...much to the interest of Crystal
The only evidence in the dining room that Christmas was just a week ago, was the yet to be devoured, Gingerbread house....
When I went in after dark and turned the lights on, I realised I what I had missed!
Hubby has spent the afternoon repairing the door to the garage.
The bunnies have been trying to reclaim it as their own by chewing their way through the already weakened door frame.
It is true it had needed repairing, a small hole was getting ever bigger...but they took it to another level!
Much more and they would have made a hole big enough to get themselves through.
I barricaded as much as I could, but it was never going to be strong enough...they are tough little bunnies that's for sure.
Anyway, Hubby has got the problem sorted...and of course as soon as they knew he was in the garage, they were there like a shot, desperate to get back in!
Dinner tonight was the other half of the Christmas turkey crown, in a casserole.
We just have a truck load of chocolates, a handful of mince pies and even some Christmas pudding to work our way through....maybe Hubby will have to take it in to the office to share out!

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  1. Happy to be the favourite gift and glad that you enjoyed it xx