Monday, 30 January 2017

Our First And Last Visit!

This morning I had been invited out for coffee, along with Grandma and Teen Two, to a friend in the country...quite a change to our usual Monday routine!
Before going I put some fruit and sugar to soak, in cold tea, to give away to friends tomorrow.
One is just sultanas and the other is dates, as I know my Monday Recycled Teenager  loves dates.
This is a recipe a dear old family friend used to make regularly...and its her daughter I am going to see tomorrow, so I thought she might like the familiar taste of something her late mum used to make.
Its really easy
Soak 10oz of any dried fruit and7oz soft brown sugar in 1/2pt of cold black tea, overnight or as long as possible.
Give a couple of stirs round, then add a lightly beaten large egg, 10oz of SR flour (white/wholemeal or half and half)
Pour into a well greased loaf tin, I use the parchment liners,
cook in centre of oven 180 Gas 4 1-1 1/2 hrs.
Its fat free so is great, but is absolutely scrummy buttered of course!
Its the sort of loaf that improves with age, but it doesn't last long enough for me to know!
We had a pleasant couple of hours at my friends.
The drive there was very foggy, until we got well into the countryside, then it was fine.
On the way home we passed signs for a farm shop and decided to check them out.
It was right on the farm and as usual there were some interesting items, although we resisted buying anything.
Lured in by the smell of freshly baked food, we did however try out the tea rooms.
However I wont be rushing back.
The staff were very friendly indeed, and Teen Two had a delicious hot chocolate, along with a sausage and beans pasty.
Grandma had a sausage roll, whilst I had a teacake..and glass of water!
However, when the waitress came with the drinks, the tray she was using had the filthiest red tea towel on I had ever seen...I just hoped Grandma didn't notice and I don't think she did!
It put me off good and proper!
The rest of the place looked clean enough, but I was also a bit more off by the chef popping food into his mouth all the time, munching away as he was didn't feel very wholesome, especially as his fingers touched his lips several times!
There weren't any nicieties around, such as flowers on tables, or extra touches of any kind...
so....that was our one and only visit.
Grandma visited the loo and gave them the thumbs up so it wasn't all bad!
You may remember, last week we bought a new sofa, and to break up the blandness of the cream sofa, cream curtains, I  popped one of my crochet blankets on the back, to add a splash of colour, however the colours didn't seem quite right with the sofa... I went through my stash of blankets up in the attic and found this one, which came from my late neighbours. I think its a much better match!
Cheeky Milly has laid claim to the new furniture already!
This afternoon has been playing catch up on the laundry and housework etc  and getting dinner ready, which is a concoction I am making up using yesterdays left over chicken, a tin of campbells mushroom soup, and a packet of corn muffin mix...I am calling it chicken and corn casserole!
The Teens have just finished it and gave it the thumbs up.

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  1. I agree with you - I had a meal out recently which was lovely - but the radiator was filthy. Things like that put you right off!