Thursday, 19 January 2017

Off The Wagon So Soon!

So this morning was the half way weigh in of the Military Diet, I was pleased to see that in three days I had dropped three pounds!
The idea is to spend the next four days at 1500 calories of my choosing and then by the end of the week up to ten pounds could be lost.
I am going to have to be good for the next three days, as today was not a good day!
A friend had asked to take me to lunch as a belated birthday present, and it seemed rather churlish to turn her down!
It was an all you can eat Chinese buffet and the choice was out of this world!
I think I was fairly restrained though, I kept to a select choice, avoiding the chips, onion rings and most of the deep fried foods, just having a crabs claw and sesame prawn toast from the fried section.
The desserts were very small and simple which made life easy,
an inch square of coffee mousse cake and tincy sponge roll with cream inside and a very small scoop of ice cream.
As I am not having any tea and had no biscuits at Parent and Toddlers, and just plain toast for breakfast, I am hoping this wont affect things too much, but I will be very good for the next few days.

My friends daughter and little granddaughter came, she certainly enjoyed the ice cream!
Teen One enjoyed showing her the view from the ceiling to floor windows.
Little One is at the stage of answering everything you say to her,
so she was repeating "cars!" after Teen One pointed out the cars, so sweet!
At Parent and Toddlers this morning, our craft table had woolly sheep to occupy them.
Teen Two rang on his way home from college to say he was going to play with the ice on the pond,
as I  had to go to the chemist for Grandma a little while later, I did a detour to see what he was up to....I was amazed to see him decorating a nearby tree with the sheets he had pulled out!
It looked really attractive, glistening in the sun, although this shot doesn't do them justice.
I also admired his dedication to his make the holes for the branches he was using a finger and thumb to melt the ice and create a perfect hole!
I would never have thought of that!

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