Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Not The Best Of Starts To The Day!

Today started quite normally, Teen Two was up and ready for college in good time, I was up and organised for visiting my Monday Recycled Teenager ( a day late) but we were both unaware there would be a slight unravelling to this highly organised state!
It started when I was just about to park up at my friends house, to get a phone call from Teen Two in a bit of a panic because he had left his lanyard at home...a cardinal sin at college!
He hadn't realised I wasn't at home, so was a little worried when I said it would be about ten minutes before I got to him, as I had to go home first.
The traffic was not kind and it took me about ten minutes just to get home, once home I couldn't find his lanyard....it wasn't in its usual place, wasn't in his bedroom...just what had he done with it!
Then I remembered....I had moved it when we put the new coat hooks up!
It had been hidden by the coats above it, and was a case of out of sight out of mind I guess.
I got to Teen Two bang on time for college registration and then went back to my Recycled Teen.
I always take her a plated dinner from the Sunday roast...but today as I  took it out of the boot and shut the boot, the edge of the plate got clipped and went smashing to the floor!
So, in the pouring rain I had to clear up the mess on the road, managing to cut my fingers on the sharp edges, then go and tell my friend what I had done!
At least I had the date loaf to give her!
Thankfully the day held no more hidden surprises.
I went to see a  close family friend (we've always considered ourselves cousins!) for lunch and she served up a delicious smoked salmon, muffins and perfectly poached eggs...mmmmm!
She had been sorting out her mum's paperwork and came across a wedding invitation for Grandma and Grandad in Devon, 58 years old almost!
What was surprising was how little orders of service have changed over the years!
For Christmas Teen Two was given this coaster...it has been much admired by all that have seen it and I thought I would share it with you in case anyone had a stash of pencils that were lying around doing nothing.
I am sure it took some time to work out the exact size each pencil needed to be, but the effect, though simple is really stunning.
With the chores out of the way and dinner ( chicken and chorizo risotto) simmering away, it was time for a cuppa and catch up online....whilst sitting there I noticed the daffs are starting to bud!
A sure sign spring wont be far away...
..although looking to my right a little with the woodburner glowing reminded me its not quite here!
Tomorrow is the weekly weigh in after the second week of the Military Diet, but I am not holding out much hope this week...a sneaky weigh a day or two ago suggests no change!

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  1. how cosy that lounge looks ! good luck on the weigh in x