Saturday, 14 January 2017

No Point Crying Over Spilt Hot Chocolate!

This morning I awoke around 6.30am and thought about getting up...but decided to just shut my eyes for another five minutes.....8.30am was the next time they opened!
Hubby was unusually still sleeping, as where the Teens, so I crept downstairs to make a tray of tea and cereal to take upstairs for the sleeping beauties.
By the time we all had our cuppa's and caught up online it was well gone 9.30am....good job we didn't have any early morning visitors!
My dear old neighbour was an early riser and regularly used to knock the door anywhere between 8am and 9am...on a week day that's fine, but we rarely are that organised and up on a weekend, as much as I miss him, I don't miss those early weekend knocks!
We all pottered around in the morning, doing various chores, then we went out for a belated birthday lunch.
As usual Uno filled in the time when waiting for the meal to arrive...
....this might not look appetising but it was very delicious, it was smoked haddock with cheese risotto, with a perfectly poached egg on top...yum
Teen One had a Cobb salad which comprised of lettuce, tortilla, chicken , sweetcorn, avocado, in a caeser salad, she said it was delicious.
Teen Two had cannelloni with meatballs and Hubby had this philly steak sandwich.
I usually order water when out ( its free!) but was enticed by this minted lemonade...which I thoroughly enjoyed.
Hubby had the same but thought it was like drinking pond water at the end as you are left with the soggy mint at the bottom!
This afternoon Teen Two wanted to do some fossil hunting.
The sun might have been shining, but the wind was cold, so I packed up a hot chocolate for us all... well as some extras to make it super duper deluxe hot chocolate!
Whilst three hardy souls braved the elements with their hammers and chisels....
...I stayed in the car and did some knitting...well someone had to guard the hot chocolate!
From where I was sat, I could see the RNLI Lifeboat crew washing out their craft, I admire them doing it in this freezing weather! Every single item came out of the boat and was then repacked after the hosing down.
Eventually three cold souls came back to the car for some warmth and their hot choccie...
...alas I did not do a good job of guarding the hot chocolate though...whilst I was busy upgrading everyone else's to deluxe, mine fell over in the basket without me realising!
It wasn't till I went to get it that I discovered the empty cup...and brown puddle in my lovely basket!
Good job I had lined it with two tea towels...although even that wasn't enough to stop it seeping through, it had to spend the rest of the time sat outside on the pebbles!
Oh well, at least I wasn't freezing cold like the others and in need of a warm up!

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