Saturday, 28 January 2017

Looking For A Needle In A Haystack!

Funny how on a day when I can sleep in, I wake early!
So by 7am when sleep was obviously not going to come, I went downstairs and  made our Saturday morning cuppa.
We had a leisurely lie in, looking at internal flights Down Under and thinking about what we wanted to achieve out of the day.
Hubby had some wood to cut up, and I did my usual Saturday morning ritual of making soup.
Teen Two decided to make some marshmallow, using a kit he had for Christmas
It was a fairly easy process, just boil up the bag of sugar, whisk the gelatine and sugar together until meringue like...
...drizzle in the chocolate orange syrup  (which killed it for me!)
Leave to set for two hours...but with the magic of the internet, you get to see it straight away...
...its pretty sticky stuff and I don't know I want to try any, not being a lover of chocolate and orange together...but everyone else has enjoyed it.
We then decided to go over to Ikea  to buy a small coffee table I had seen online.
We had lunch there (wasn't I good choosing the kids meatball meal!) had a mooch around the nearby shops .
Before leaving Ikea, we validated our car park ticket as usual, drove down to the exit, but then had a minor disaster!
As Hubby went to put the ticket in another one popped out which slightly flummoxed him, then as he went to put the ticket in he somehow dropped it, which annoyed him intensely!
He went to get out of the car, but was too close to the machine, so I rushed out (there was a HUGE queue behind us!) only to discover that the floor was littered with hundreds of discarded doubt the ones that were for some reason popping out as each car arrived at the exit barrier!
There was just no way we were going to be able to find our one amongst them all!
I went to explain to the car behind what had happened, Hubby meantime rang the assistance needed button, and thankfully they just let us through, but for a few moments it was sheer panic!
Back home we unpacked the flat pack and immediately Milly claimed the "new furniture" as her own!
Whilst I made us all a much needed hot drink, Hubby and Teen Two put the table assisted by Milly as you can see!
Pretty swiftly, we became the owners of a coffee table, the first one we have bought in our entire life!
I think I mentioned before, I have fought against  one knowing it will become a dumping ground...
for that reason I chose a smallish one, for damage limitation!
Let's see how long it stays clear for...or how long Milly takes to sit on it...or even under it!
We had called into Whittards when out, and stocked up on one of Teen One's favourite drinks
"Turkish Apple"
So she had a cup of that,

Whittards had a flask of White Hot Chocolate out for sampling...which of course we all did...
Teen Two had a tub of this for Christmas, so he was eager to have some when he got home, it really is quite delicious I must say!
We enjoyed one of these marzipan treats with our cuppas
(can you tell its not diet day?)
Our only other purchase for the day were these sweet little gift backs down to 25p in Ikea
I thought they would make excellent Easter gift bags for our Parent and Toddler group.
It's been a lovely day, mooching here and there, not tied to time and enjoying each others
Tonight Teen Two wants to play board games, so we will enjoy the soup I had made earlier then spend the evening, no doubt laughing and munching on nibbles....something of a family ritual we naughtily slipped into!

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  1. I loooooove those marzipan treats! Thankfully IKEA is 2 hours away!